Disrupted supply chains, production stops and supply chain bottlenecks – the media is filled with articles about how logistics are affected worldwide by the outbreak of Corona COVID-19. It is a timely reminder on the importance of end-to-end supply chain visibility, which is critical not only in times of crisis, but for asset, inventory and supply chain management in general.

Kizy Tracking customer K.Hartwall is a leading international logistics efficiency provider

In times like these, special attention should be paid to maintaining quality standards to ensure supply chain excellence despite crises, technical failures or network interruptions. Similarly, retailers and manufacturers must provide evidence and data to demonstrate supply chain compliance, especially in the cold chain industry. Where and how do stakeholders get the data they need to demonstrate best practice to customers and regulators?

Advantages of supply chain tracking: active GSM Tracking 

It can be challenging for manufacturers and retailers to keep track of their goods from start to finish while ensuring that their suppliers comply with the contract terms and regulations. While many of the suppliers use RFID gates or GPS tracking to trace shipments, there is a better and cheaper solution available; more importantly, it’s able to locate the goods in places where GPS signal does not work: Global tracking with Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM). Supply chain tracking based on GSM is the right solution for you if you can identify with the following:

You’re looking for a solution to track your supply chain…

  • with minimal effort and with global coverage.
  • with long autonomy of up to 1 year rather that 3 – 4 days by GPS tracking.
  • with in-transit visibility beyond information provided by RFID.

You already have a solution for supply chain visibility…

  • but your current solution doesn’t track between all points along the supply chain (e.g. RFID-Gates) or the tracking data is not consistent because of disturbances caused by metallic environments like containers or inside a building.
  • but you’re not able to react fast enough to problems or changes that happened during the delivery both nationally or globally due to the lack of information and updates.
Active global Tracking for postal industry

Then you should definitely consider a GSM supply chain tracking solution. One of them is Kizy Tracking. With Kizy you can have an immediate tracking solution without having to set up an infrastructure, and you can test it almost instantly and with low risk. 

With the TestKit, you get to try out how Kizy Tracking provides you with real-time data from start to end and if it’s the most compatible solution for your business. The Kizy Tracker is compact, lightweight and does not require much implementation effort beyond getting the trackers.

Moreover, for food suppliers and food logistical companies, the Kizy Tracker has an expandable feature: With special temperature sensors, it’s now possible to track the transportation of temperature-sensitive products along the supply chain end-to-end to ensure product quality and safety at all points of the supply chain as well as compliance with regulatory requirements.


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