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In our video library, you can access Kizy webinars to learn about the power of real-time IoT data for supply chain optimization, cold chain monitoring and asset tracking.

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Invitation to a Kizy Tracking webinar: Round 2, after high season is before high season.


Webinar – Round 2: After High Season is before High Season

January 20 -11:00 - 11:30

You did it. You survived the busiest time of the year. Time to relax and reflect on the past months. What have been your main challenges? What impact did the spike in shopping activity and the growing logistics effort resulting from it have on your business? Did your cross border delivery from end to end […]

Logistics & Distribution Zurich 2020


Logistics & Distribution Zurich 2020

26.01.2022 -09:00 - 27.01.2022 -16:00

UPDATE: In the current situation due to COVID-19, making plans for upcoming events is not easy. For this reason regrettably, Logistics & Distribution must be postponed to January 2022. We will keep you informed and let you know about any updates as soon as more details are available. Logistics & Distribution Zurich 2020 is the […]

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