Real-time supply chain visibility for COVID-19 vaccine distribution

COVID-19 vaccine’s complex storage requirements will need some deft maneuvering on the part of global health agencies and logistics companies.
Here is how Kizy Tracking can help.

K2 Tracker in perspective

Logistical challenges for vaccine distribution

Ensure an efficient supply chain

According to scientists, 70 % of the global population will need a COVID-19 vaccine within a tight frame to achieve herd immunity – a quantity that will overwhelm the existing systems for a safe vaccine distribution. Therefore, it needs short transport and effective monitoring processes to keep track of the vaccines in real-time throughout the system, no matter the logistics partner, distributor or shipment mode.

Theft prevention

Special security is needed to ensure COVID-19 vaccines will not be vulnerable to theft when they are released for distribution, particularly at weak links in the supply chain, such as distribution centers and truck stops. However, not only product losses must be prevented – which clearly is the biggest threat – but also contamination of the vaccines during a cargo crime – which can be just as damaging.

Guarantee an end-to-end unbroken cold-chain

Failure to store and handle temperature-sensitive vaccines properly can decrease the potency of the vaccine to the point it is rendered ineffective. Strict temperature control and seamless cold-chain management is crucial to maintain the vaccine’s optimal viability and function.

Use of flexible tracking solutions

Due to its unprecedented large volume and urgency, COVID-19 vaccine distribution requires a location tracking solution that is digital, easily adjustable and scalable to large networks. Routes may change rapidly and a flexible solution is the key to dealing with quick shifts to ensure a smooth, equitable and efficient rollout.

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How Kizy Tracking can support global vaccine distribution

Location tracking

The K-2 Tracker is an active solution that provides end-to-end visibility by providing real-time data during the entire transport of the vaccines. It works with GSM and WiFi, which allows 98 % of global coverage, including the inside of buildings and containers. With its high accuracy, it can track goods down to 10 meters.

How to achieve real-time supply chain visibility for COVID-19 vaccine distribution with Kizy Tracking

Temperature tracking

Kizy’s tracker is extendable with a temperature sensor. It delivers tamper-proof tracking data and sends instant notifications if temperature deviations are detected. The sensor is factory calibrated and has ultra-precise temperature readings. Its operating temperatures range from -40° C to +85° C (-40 to 185° F).

Detection of unauthorized openings

Kizy’s smart light sensor detects changes in light density. Thus is supports the monitoring of events in the supply chain, from (unauthorized) opening of boxes and containers to the timely unpacking of goods. An instant alert informs if the vaccine is at risk of being stolen.

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Simple integration

Kizy’s open API allows a direct and easy integration of information collected by the trackers into existing systems and platforms. The digital recording and processing of data saves valuable time and prevents variances and errors linked to manual methods.

Easily scalable

Kizy trackers do not require investing into additional infrastructure, which makes it easy to add trackers whenever and wherever they are needed. Being quickly adaptable to changing environments is crucial for vaccine distribution to be efficient.

How to achieve real-time supply chain visibility for COVID-19 vaccine distribution with Kizy Tracking

Easy return by mail

Due to their small size and light weight, Kizy trackers can easily be returned with the UPU International Business Reply System (IBRS). This allows the tracker to be reused not only quickly and easily, but also sustainably and price efficient.

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Strengthening vaccine distribution systems
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At a glance: Kizy tracker features

Compact, credit-card sized tracker


Up to 1 year of battery life
Uses GSM, 2G/3G & Wi-Fi
Open API
Kizy's K-2 supply chain tracker is the most flexible and powerful Iot enabled supply chain tracker available on the market
Works indoors and outdoors, including containers
Recording of data if no network is available
Cloud-based protected access
Expandable sensors

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