Temperature Tracking

Have temperature-sensitive shipments been kept in the correct temperature during the whole trip?
Where, for how long and with what intensity has a temperature deviation occured?


Get automatic answers with Kizy Temperature Tracking.

Managing the many moving parts of the supply chain process is difficult, but essential for operational success. This is particularly true with perishable, temperature-sensitive products like food and beverages, raw materials, chemicals, and mineral products.

Kizy Temperature Tracking is an innovative service that facilitates temperature-controlled supply chain monitoring. It enables to track the transportation of temperature-sensitive products along the supply chain end-to-end to ensure product quality and safety at all points of the supply chain as well as compliance with regulatory requirements.

By integrating Kizy Temperature Tracking data into existing supply chain monitoring solutions you will be notified immediately in the event of delays and undue temperature variations. You will know where and when these events occurred, thus helping you to sort out responsibilities easily. Moreover, you can use the data as proof for customers and regulators and use it to certify any temperature-controlled supply chain.
View the datasheet [pdf, 1 MB] for details about features, benefits and technical information on Kizy temperature tracking.

Benefits of Kizy Temperature Tracking

Real-time cold chain monitoring end-to-end
Protection of products
Early detection of quality problems due to temperature changes

Proof of best practices to regulators and customers

Easy way to document the entire temperature history
Elimination of manual temperature reading

Accurate data without human intervention: Compliance with with legal regulations and reporting

Global service: Transmission of live data from anywhere in the world
Cost-efficient tracking of temperature-sensitive supply chains

Access our webinar recording for detailed information about Kizy Temperature Tracking.



Ultra-precise temperature reading
Ultra-low temperature deviation over time
Operates for 1 month with one transmission per hour
Kizy temperature tracking
Recording of data if no network is available
Geolocalization and temperature tracking with one device
Easy integration – no extra infrastructure
Works indoors and outdoors, including containers

Global, real-time data for your supply chain solution
Integrate real-time tracking and temperature data into your solution to boost your offer to clients.

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