Shipment Tracking

What are the main causes of shipment delays?
Are the most efficient delivery routes being taken?
Are service agreements fulfilled by partners?

K2 Tracker in perspective

Optimizing delivery quality & customer experience with

real-time shipment tracking powered by the IoT

Kizy Tracking allows you to track your shipments at any point in the supply chain, from manufacturer to consumer, anywhere in the world. It provides you with all the information you need to optimally manage your deliveries.  No matter with which carrier your shipment is being transported: you benefit from the same level of end-to-end supply chain visibility, from shipper to consignee.

Monthly reports on shipments are no longer sufficient for most customers, as they expect 24/7 real-time visibility, connectivity and data concerning their shipments. Customers want to be able to track their shipments as close to real time as possible. Kizy Tracking  provides such in-transit visibility with real-time shipment tracking updates along with up-to-date estimated time of arrival (ETA) for goods and parcels. 

Through Kizy’s shipment tracking, you will be able to improve delivery efficiencies by identifying trouble spots, minimizing redundant stops and calculating the optimal routes in a given situation to improve efficiencies. Kizy’s tracking services work both indoors and outdoors, also in containers, warehouses and any other buildings.

Shipment tracking with Kizy enables end-to-end supply chain visibility, automatic notification for shipment delays or anomalies in delivery routes and seamless supply chain monitoringReap the benefits of active tracking, no matter how your shipment is being packaged and transported and use this data to improve your partner relations and customer experience

View the presentation for more information on features and benefits of Kizy Tracking.

Backend of Kizy Tracker

Benefits of shipment tracking with Kizy

Real time end-to-end supply chain visibility
Supply chain optimization based on operational data
Establishment of Service Level Agreement compliance
Early detection of shipment issues
Calculation and provision of information on ETA
Cost efficient tracking of shipments
Long standalone battery life of up to 1 year
Enhancement of customer experience and partner relations
Global service: Transmission of live data from anywhere in the world
Giving end-users a fast, highly visible, seamless customer experience

Access our webinar recording to learn more about improving customer experience through real-time
end-to-end supply chain visibility.

The Kizy monitoring platform is cloud-based and facilitates real-time monitoring anywhere in the world.


Compact credit card sized tracker
Up to 1 year of battery life
Uses GSM, 2G/3G & Wi-Fi
Open API
The Kizy K-2 is the most flexible and powerful Iot enabled supply chain tracker available on the market
Works indoors and outdoors, including containers
Recording of data if no network is available
Cloud-based protected access
Expandable sensors

Global, real-time data for end-to-end supply chain visibility.
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