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Q&A for operating Kizy Trackers

Use of QR-Code

Scan the code to access the Online Tracking Platform

The use of K-2 is coupled to an Internet-hosted data management platform. The device-specific URL (Internet-address) of this platform can be obtained by scanning the QR-code on the front of the tracker. You may either use a dedicated scanner or you can use a smartphone application. The URL will check the current status of the tracker and will then display the corresponding information. This may depend on several factors such as:

• If you are logged in as a registered user

• If you have access rights to use the tracker.

• If the tracker is currently “in use”.

• The action that has been assigned to the QR-code scanning by the tracker owner.

Please follow the instructions on how to proceed being provided by the platform.


FAQ – What if …

The green light flashes twice every couple of seconds while connected on the USB-C cable.

The tracker is charging.

The green light is steady on while connected to the USB-C cable.

The tracker is fully charged.

The green or orange light is blinking every second while the battery charging is active.

The tracker is trying to connect to the GSM-network. The charging pattern will be shown again when this is finished.

The orange light does not start blinking when you power on the tracker.

The battery is likely to be empty. Recharge it through the USB-C connector.

The orange light blinks every 8 seconds.

The tracker could not connect to the network. Please make sure there is network, then switch it off and on again.

The red light blinks twice every couple of seconds.

The battery is almost empty and the tracker cannot connect to the GSM-network anymore. Recharge the tracker through the USB-C connector.

The red light is steady on.

The tracker has detected a hardware problem and needs to be checked. Please reach out to us on support@kizytracking.com

The PC reports that no driver could be found for the device after connecting the USB-C.

Ignore this message. The USB-C -cable is only used for charging and needs no driver.

What if I need more help?

Consult support.kizytracking.com or write us an email to support@kizytracking.com

K-2 User Manual

For complete information please download the K-2 User Manual [pdf, 535 KB]

Contact us for further support