Inside Track

While benefits from parcel tracking data about shipments, movements, location and transit bottlenecks are well recognized, the implementation of parcel tracking solutions by delivery operators has been slow so far. However, delivery is of paramount importance to the consumer. For most consumers, one poor delivery experience is enough to not repeat an e-commerce purchase from the same retailer. Prior to upcoming Parcel+PostExpo 2019 and in preparation of the Parcel Handling and Tracking session, that has at its core more efficient solutions for parcel handling, Author Andrew Williams spoke with a number of companies that want to make track and trace a standard offering for delivery.

As the parcel delivery sector expands and consumers demand more information to track shipments in real-time, parcel delivery companies have become increasingly interested in better handling and tracking technologies and more accurate use of that tracking technology. Download the article or read in the online edition starting on page 92 about the technologies and services developed by Hanhaa, Kizy Tracking and Parcel Perform to connect logistics, create transparency and make parcel handling more efficient.

Note: The complete article has been published in the September 2019 issue of Parcel and Postal Technology International. You can download Inside Track [pdf, 871 KB] or read it in the online edition of  Parcel and Postal Technology International.