Temperature Sensor

Boost the capabilities of the Kizy’s Supply Chain Tracker with real-time temperature tracking

The temperature sensor add-on enables real-time temperature and location tracking using one device.

The Kizy USB-C temperature sensor is an extension for our Supply Chain Tracker. This extension allows the tracker to perform localization and temperature tracking with just one device. Monitoring of the transportation of temperature-sensitive products along your supply chain from start to finish has now been made easy.  

Monitor the temperature of your shipments from end to end

Kizy Tracking has the perfect solution for cold-chain logistics companies, medical supplies companies, and food and beverages companies to monitor the integrity of their shipments from manufacturer to end user with tamper-proof, real-time tracking data. All it takes is the addition of an external temperature sensor to the Kizy Supply Chain Tracker to gain seamless visibility on the whereabouts and conditions of shipments, no matter where they are located worldwide. 

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Kizy's temperature sensor transmits temperature data to the user real-time via GSM network.

What is so special about our temperature sensor?

The Kizy temperature sensor is factory calibrated and has ultra-precise temperature readings with minimal temperature deviation over time. Being compact and lightweight, the temperature sensor does not add much additional weight to the similarly lightweight tracker. It is a scalable solution for those of you searching for a low-maintenance device with high performance capabilities. The perfect solution to support compliance with food safety standards such as FSSC 22000!

Kizy's temperature sensor transmits temperature data to the user real-time via GSM network.

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Embark on your FSSC 22000 certification journey with us and receive support in monitoring your business processes in real-time and providing data evidence to relevant authorities.

Benefits of Kizy’s Temperature Sensor

Assurance of your product’s integrity
Constant surveillance over the condition of your shipment even during transfers
Proof of best practices to regulators
Transmission of live data globally
Global coverage, including containers
Open API

Temperature Sensor Features 

Lightweight – fits even into C6 letters.
Ultra-precise temperature reading, ±0.3°C (Max)
Low temperature deviation over time, ≤0.01°C/Yr
Operating temperatures -40°C to +85°C (-40 to 185 °F) 
Kizy's temperature tracking feature allows real-time monitoring of the temeprature of the product and its environment during the entire delivery process.
Location and temperature tracking with one device
Factory-calibrated, according to ISO/IEC 17025
1 month operation period with one transmission per hour
k-Box+ with external temperature sensor for Temperature tracking

Optimize the performance of your Supply Chain Tracker

The K-Box has been created to enhance the performance of the Kizy’s Supply Chain Tracker. It extends the lifetime of the tracker up to 6 times, and enables real-time temperature tracking from end to end worldwide, even in extreme conditions.

Watch our webinar recording on temperature tracking.

Find out how Kizy Temperature Sensor helps companies achieve end-to-end food supply chain visibility.

Kizy Temperature Sensor: Facts & Figures

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