Kizy K-2 Supply Chain Tracker

The most flexible and powerful supply chain tracker on the market.

Kizy's K-2 supply chain tracker is the most flexible and powerful Iot tracker available on the market to help you achieve end-to-end supply chain visibility in a cost-efficient way.
The K-2 Tracker has been specifically designed to provide end-to-end supply chain visibility in a cost-effective way. Benefit from an active tracking solution that reliably transmits visibility data, in real time and from anywhere in the world.

All you need to know about our Supply Chain Tracker 

The Kizy supply chain tracker, now with the K-2 in its second generation, is an affordable enterprise tracking device. It is specifically designed to fulfill data needs for logistics and supply chain solutions on a large scale.

The IoT hardware device enables the active global tracking of shipments and goods. Using mobile phone networks, Kizy’s supply chain tracker transmits real-time data of geolocation and movement from anywhere in the world.

Kizy's supply chain tracker use mobile phone networks.
The K-2 supply chain tracker has an embedded light sensor that can communicate changes in light density, for example, in the event of container or parcel openings. The tracker can be extended with a temperature sensor, making it the perfect solution for cold chain monitoring. Thanks to cell phone technology and Wi-Fi, the Kizy Tracking solution is truly global and works even inside buildings and containers.
Kizy's supply chain tracker use mobile phone networks.

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The Kizy K-2 Tracker at a glance

The K-2 is the second generation of supply chain trackers by Kizy Tracking. Global tracking has never been easier! Simply attach the K-2 device to your shipments, assets, and pallets, and Kizy does the rest for you autonomously.

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Extra long battery life

Up to 1 year autonomy. Can be extended to 3 years with K-Box. Rechargeable.
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Global coverage

Works reliably indoors and outdoors, even in buildings and containers.
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Mobile communication

Uses existing global GSM infrastructure (2G and 3G) and local WiFi for positioning and communication. It does not use GPS.
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Small size

The Kizy K-2 Tracker has the size of a thick credit card (84 mm x 56 mm x 8.5mm). Its weight is less than 42gr.
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High accuracy

Dynamic accuracy, down to 10m when needed.
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Increased flexibility

Fully configurable over-the-air, supports pre-configured templates for your missions.
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In-built light sensor. Via the USB-C connector, additional sensors can be added (temperature sensor).

Welcome to the world of smart tracking

Our live tracker provides dynamic accuracy to match your specific requirements, thus automatically optimizing costs and battery life. During normal operation, standard accuracy is reported. In defined cases (e.g. alarm or on-demand) you benefit from the best accuracy available.

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Standard: 1-2km
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High precision (GSM only): 200-500m
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High precision (with Wi-Fi coverage): 10-20m

Benefits of the K-2 Supply Chain Tracker

High quality global localization
Instant, scalable tracking solution
Easy integration – no extra infrastructure
5 x longer battery life than GPS devices
Smallest device in enterprise tracking
Works autonomously indoors and outdoors
Lowest ownership cost
Easy return by mail

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