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Postal & courier

Your customers see track&trace as an important part of your service. Unfortunately, the existing systems based on bar-codes or RFID-chips scanning only display information on waypoints. This is in many cases not enough.
Kizy delivers end-to-end track&trace capabilities, no matter where in the world, down to your customer’s mailbox.
By tracking shipments with Kizy, you will also gather data that will enable you to better understand how the whole supply chain actually work, opening new ways for process optimization.

Easy return

Leverage the global IBRS service (« réponse payée »), the cheapest and most convenient way to get your tracker back after use.



Credit card format. 6.5mm thin. Less than 47g.
The K-2 literally fits everywhere, even in small parcels or envelopes.

Extra-long battery life

Benefit from our expertise in extra low-power technology. The K-2 reaches up to 1 year battery life. More than enough to track international shipments.

Case studies

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