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Product integrity and product safety are key factors to insure supply chain excellence in the pharmaceutical industry.
With products needing to be kept in strict conditions, there is no room for improvisation.
Kizy enables you to take full control of your supply chain by monitoring the location and status of your shipments by yourself, without intermediaries. Contrary to temperature loggers, our tracker will alert you in real time if temperature or humidity conditions are exceeded during the transport and storage, so that you can take corrective measures immediately. The data and reports can be uploaded automatically with delivery confirmation, thus eliminating the need for manual interactions.



Connect externals probes to monitor the temperature and humidity of your products.



Credit card format. 6.5mm thin. Less than 47g.
The K-2 literally fits everywhere, the closest to your products.

Easy return

The cheapest and most convenient way to get your tracker back after use: a simple envelope. USD 2-3 worldwide.

Case studies

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