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Determining responsibility in case of loss or damage can be a tedious task.
Kizy delivers independent, objective data, so that you immediately know where and when an incident occurred and who was in charge at this particular moment. This saves a lot of time and effort.
By tracking shipments and assets with Kizy, you will also gather data that will enable you and your customers to better understand how the whole supply chain actually work, opening new ways for risk avoidance and mitigation.


Use the light sensor to detect shipments or containers openings. Accelerometer to spot evidences of rough handling. Connect external temperature and humidity sensors to highlight derivations.


Credit card format. 6.5mm thin. Less than 47g.
The K-2 literally fits everywhere, the closest to your products.

Extra-long battery life

Benefit from our expertise in extra low-power technology. The K-2 reaches up to 1 year battery life. 

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