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Freight forwarding

Customers expect transparency and immediate answers when they ask about their shipments’ location and status. Working in various countries with subcontractors who don’t necessarily provide integrated track & trace information, you know how cumbersome finding the information can be.
With Kizy, it doesn’t matter with which carrier you actually work: you always benefit from the same level of supply chain visibility, from shipper to consignee.
You get direct access to the tracking data and can provide your customers the service quality they deserve while saving time and money.



Share the tracking information easily with all stakeholders involved in the shipping process. Each player gets access to the information in his own language. You reduce time for answering customers requests to a minimum.


Alerts and notifications

Use custom templates to create your missions. You get alerted in case of delay, enabling you to find solutions before your customers even know.

Global coverage

We can locate your shipments and containers everywhere where a cellphone can connect to the GSM network. That means also inside buildings and containers, even in developing regions. We cover more than 98% of the countries. No roaming fees.

Case studies

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