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Discover the most flexible tracking solution on the market
Our goal is to make advanced tracking capabilities affordable for widespread deployment


No subscription

With Kizy, there is no per-device fixed subscription. You are free to use any of your trackers to start a mission, even remotely. In this way, you can optimally adapt your tracking usage to the seasonality of your business.


You only pay for your running missions, on a daily basis. Stop a mission whenever you want and billing stops at the same time. For example, once a tracker has reached destination, stop the mission and you won’t be charged for the time your tracker travels back to you.


Load pre-paid credits on your account to pay for your missions. You keep total control over your budget and avoid surprises.

No roaming fees

Because we think you shouldn’t bother in which countries your tracker will travel, we offer one single price for the whole world. Just track anything anywhere. We cover 98% of the countries.

This is how it works

1. Load credits

Buy pre-paid credits and load them on your account.
You keep total control over your costs.

2. Create a mission

Once you have something to track, take any of your K-2 trackers.
Create a new mission on the platform using one of our pre-configured templates.

3. Track
Once started and as long as your mission is running, you are invoiced on a daily basis according to the templates’ costs.
4. Stop and re-use

You stop the mission, you stop paying. It’s that simple.
Your tracker is then available for a new mission.

Online Tracking Platform

Standard Kizy account is free. Customization on quotation.

Tracking service

Pricing according to selected mission template.


Contact us to get your API key and documentation.



A low-cost, smart tracking device opens new opportunities.

SIM card with worldwide connectivity included.

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