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Presentation of Kizy at Parcel+Post Expo Conference 2019

Bertrand Späth, Co-Founder of Kizy, has been named among the first speakers in the session for Parcel Handling and Tracking  at Parcel+Post Expo Conference 2019.

To date, traditional track and trace systems of postal services only provide partial information on the status of shipments, based on data from scanning and RFID. The track and trace systems rarely work in foreign countries as they are not integrated with the partners’ systems, providing only information on the entry into the destination country. 

Real-time tracking solutions close the information gap by gathering position data based on globally available mobile networks and local wi-fi data. They provide in-transit visibility and end-to-end supply chain transparency worldwide, thus enabling significant cost reductions and massive customer service improvements. 

The Kizy B2B global tracking system easily fulfills the information needs of the logistics and supply chain industry. With no requirements for infrastructure, and autonomy of up to one year, Kizy makes advanced monitoring functionalities affordable for large-scale deployments.  If you want to learn more on Kizy, be sure to attend Bertrand’s presentation At the touch of a button: real-time tracking worldwide at Parcel+PostExpo 2019 in Amsterdam on October 1, or send us your inquiry via email

Presentation details: October 1, Room 3, Parcel Handling & Tracking, Moderator Richard Wishart


At the touch of a button: real-time tracking worldwide  | Oct 1, 2019 | 11 am

Click here for the complete conference program.

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