The rise of e-commerce, especially cross-border e-commerce, has dramatically changed the climate of the postal and parcel industry. Operators are focusing on customer engagement at every touchpoint of their journey. Maintaining a consistent and high quality experience throughout the buyer’s journey is no longer seen as a competitive advantage, but a fundamental component of success for any industry. 

Outstanding customer experience is imperative for the e-commerce industry and that goes hand-in-hand with parcels, reverse logistics, and delivery. A single poor delivery experience is enough for a consumer to not repeat an e-commerce purchase from the same retailer. With technology in play, power is shifting towards the consumers as they now have more autonomy to choose their service provider. The postal and parcel delivery sector has to keep up with the changing consumers’ demands and expectations through technological means.

Most postal and parcel delivery companies have become more invested in technological solutions in order to provide connected logistics. Some of the solutions include real-time tracking, automation of distribution, smart shipment and asset management, and better data management through the use of visualization tools. Let’s look in detail at the mentioned key technology trends.

Key technological developments in the postal and parcel industry, and how Kizy can help you achieve them.

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Connected logistics

Connectedness is the key factor for optimal customer experience in the industry. Consumers expect complete transparency and constant reliable updates on their shipments. Companies have to establish an integrated system along the entire supply chain to have a transparent communication channel and obtain real-time updates even during delivery transfers. With accurate tracking data, companies will be able to calculate the estimated time of arrival or make alternative plans in times of emergencies. Through the use of our real-time trackers, Kizy can provide location data from end-to-end. Postal and parcel service providers can use the data to monitor the entire value chain and seamlessly manage deliveries from shipper to consumer.

Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking is central to a connected and transparent postal and parcel value chain because it creates visibility within it. Companies are able to track all the happenings and share reliable updates with their business partners or end-consumers to increase their accountability. However, not all track-and-trace solutions available in the market are suitable for such purposes. Passive tracking solutions such as RFID and barcode scanning are only able to send the last scanned location along the delivery route and not information on movement between checkpoints. In comparison, Kizy sends constant updates of actual shipment location at selected intervals (of their choice) to keep companies in the loop.

We work with partners, such as Mecomo AG, to create operational tools for users to visualize and analyze the movements of their containers using real-time tracking data. The tool will then alert the person-in-charge of the respective containers should there be any issues detected. It is one of the technology trends that enables customers to have timely reaction and create a nimble supply chain

Automation of distribution

The structure of the value chain has changed from one with an easy timeline to one that delivers on demand. Companies are now looking into the automatization of production tools to ease the manpower strain and keep up with the evolving customers’ demand. In the future, robots and machines will be utilized to make proactive decisions for logistics and supply chain companies based on data and trends collected. The outcome will be a fully automated parcel industry with close to zero error margin. And the fulfillment of global parcel deliveries will be done through the use of IoT-enabled tracking devices. 

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Kizy’s K-2 Tracker makes use of mobile network and Wi-Fi sniffing and is able to transmit location data even from within containers. This could be easily integrated with smart technology to track and automate distribution processes in real-time. With our trackers, postal companies will be able to better manage their resources by keeping tabs on the capacities of their distribution centers and keep up with the technological trends.

Smart shipment and asset management

Automation of post and parcel distribution is not the only possibility.  Shipment tracking information, such as movement, location and idle times, can help postal companies strategize and plan their distribution centers’ spaces. Shipments may be rerouted based on occupancy of distribution centers, or posts and parcels can be better managed in distribution centers. 

Furthermore, postal distributors are also keeping track of their mailbags, trolleys and other equipment to prevent theft and losses. Real-time tracking helps ease the retrieval process of stolen equipment and eliminate asset losses. For example, Kizy has successfully worked with K.Hartwell, who was faced with the problem of delayed returns and loss of loaned equipment.  K.Hartwell used Kizy to track random batches of carriers to find out the root cause behind the delays and to resolve the issues. Kizy is able to provide similar service to postal companies to simplify their business operations and safeguard their assets.


Improved data management through visualization tools

Delivery network data is invaluable for the studies of trends and patterns. For example, Kuehne + Nagel recently developed an index for the volume of shipments around the world based on their shipments and compared the amounts of shipments out- and in-going traffic within a region. Bankers have found a strong correlation between the shipments traffic of a region and its economic status through the data, allowing them to accurately predict a region’s future development. 

According to a survey by Escher, 94% of postals plan to use data analytics to better understand the customers. The industry will first need to find ways to collect and collate the large amounts of data from postal and parcel networks worldwide, requiring data visualization tools to plot the patterns and trends

Here at Kizy Tracking, we work with integrators to help you manage your data by building cockpits and solutions to better analyze and identify the delivery patterns. It not only eases postal and parcel handling, but also aids companies in developing new strategies and solutions to counter existing delivery issues. One of our partners, Spectos, has developed a real-time performance monitoring solution for postal operators through collection of data from different sources, such as RFID and Kizy Tracking data. The performance monitoring cockpit displays aggregated data in real-time and helps users easily identify the root cause of problems within the supply chain. With the cockpit issues can be addressed strategically and in a timely manner. 

Be a technology trend setter with Kizy Tracking

Kizy Tracking works with partners to provide our customers with suitable platforms and tracking data for their specific industrial usage and needs. Find out which partner offers the most suitable solution for your business operations. Or you can contact us to learn more about how we can cater to your postal and parcel delivery needs. 

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