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Asset Tracking solutions for logistics & automotive industries


Trackee specializes in intelligent cloud applications for asset tracking in automotive and logistics domains. Trackee solutions help customers quickly and effortlessly connect assets to the Cloud and control their location online.

Trackee is a Global Network. Thanks to the Kizy technology, there are no geo-boundaries for any applications and use cases. Trackee works anywhere, providing powerful and easy-to-use applications to display detailed paths of any asset from point A to point B, anytime and from any device.

Trackee provides for customers instant access to their tracking data, helping to easily analyse it, minimise risks, improve quality and reliability of services and enable automatic data-driven decision-making.

Trackee IoT Cloud Platform
Trackee R Tracker
Trackee is all about tracking things in real-time
Tracking things in real-time



AutoPointer Pro is the Trackee solution for the automotive industry.  AutoPointer Pro is a vehicle tracking service in the post-production phase. AutoPointer makes vehicles connected and visible, even before they are delivered to the end customers.

Auto manufacturers using this solution can share tracking data with their customers and partners. These data describe the full path of a vehicle, from assembly to the dealer center. It helps to create complete transparency and visibility, ensure shipment safety and increase the level of trust. AutoPointer is also the source of important information for automotive companies that helps to continuously assess the entire carrier network, identify potential risks in time and improve the quality of logistic channels.


AutoPointer is  the Trackee solution for the automotive industry
Full transparency from assembly to delivery
Full transparency and visibility for assets on the move
Increase visibility and levels of trust and continuously evaluate your overall carrier network with with AutoPointer

Transportation / Logistics


For logistics and transportation companies that do not yet have their own Track & Trace service, Trackee is the most simple and straightforward way to get one. Quickly and easily.

Trackee works everywhere. This makes the life of companies working internationally much easier, and it is affordable for companies of any size!

Trackee is the simple and ready-to-use solution right-out-of-the-box, that does not require integration efforts and costs. So, you can equip your fleet with Trackee and start offering Track & Trace to your customers in a matter of minutes.



Trackee for easy track & trace in logistics
 Trackee R  is the most compact and powerful tracker available in the World.
Trackee is the easiest and most straightforward way for logistics and transportation companies
Control everything from one place

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