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kizy k2 tracker for Parcel Tracking

The importance of real-time parcel tracking

In today’s logistics, the magic word is called transparency. Knowing where your parcels are at any given point in time is considered the most effective way to enhance the delivery experience. However, it is not only important for the consumer: postal operators also benefit from global tracking. It enables them to monitor shipment movement, location and transit bottlenecks for efficient parcel shipment management. Particularly with the rise of cross-border e-commerce, the paramountcy for accurate and real-time shipment information has grown significantly as parcels have to go through various customs and ports along the delivery route and are transported by multiple carriers.
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The existing passive track and trace solutions based on scanning and RFID are no longer enough to meet these complexities. They only provide partial information on the status of shipments (based on the last reading point). GPS and Ultra-Wideband (UWB) networks on the other hand, are costly and do not have extensive coverage. With the Kizy’s K-2 Tracker, you will get a solution that not only enables you to provide visibility of supply chains end to end anywhere in the world, but also comes at an affordable price. 

Benefits of parcel tracking with Kizy

GPS RFID Solutions Barcode Scanning
Real-time data
In-transit visibility
Global Coverage (including insides of containers)
Energy efficient
Long autonomy
Alerts for theft, loss or anomalies along the routes
Cost efficient
Easily scalable
No specific infrastructure required
Small in size & lightweight

Based on the data provided by Kizy, postal operators can continuously re-strategize and optimize their value chain management to prevent complaints and costs from delays and missing packages.

How to achieve in-transit visibility with active parcel tracking by Kizy

Simply put the trackers into your shipments or attach them to your pallets. Our K-2 trackers work anywhere in the world where mobile networks and WiFi are available. With an autonomy of up to 1 year, the K-2 Live Tracker is well prepared for a long journey and can be re-used multiple times after charging. Their light weight and small size allows them to be easily returned with the UPU International Business Reply System (IBRS). It helps postal operators to actively track locations of mailbags, trolleys, letters and shipments, whilst sending live notifications concerning delays and misrouting. Kizy Tracking: your solution to ensure a nimble parcel delivery management system.
Parcel tracking

Kizy Tracker Features

Compact, credit-card sized tracker
Up to 1 year of battery life
Uses GSM, 2G/3G & Wi-Fi
Open API
Kizy's K-2 supply chain tracker is the most flexible and powerful Iot enabled supply chain tracker available on the market
Works indoors and outdoors, including containers
Recording of data if no network is available
Cloud-based protected access
Expandable sensors

Tracking your parcels is this easy.

Order our K-2 test kit and allow yourself to be convinced.

Order your Test Kit online

Order your test kit

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Benefit from our three-month test phase without limitations
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No matter where you are: we ship our Kizy test kit worldwide
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The trackers are easy to activate: simply prepare your mission and get started right away

Enjoy all benefits

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Get real-time information about the whereabouts of your parcels
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An easy-to-use dashbord provides you with all the data you need
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The trackers are yours to keep, independent of further use
Monitor your shipments with Live Data
Reuse / return your tracker

Reuse or return them

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No obligations: if you do not wish to continue to use the tracking service, you can simply stop running missions
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The trackers can be used after the test phase ends, based on regular pricing
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The trackers can easily be returned by mail

Case Studies

Kizy Tracking customer Asendia

Asendia investigates delivery issues in record time thanks to Kizy Tracking

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Kizy Tracking customer K.Hartwall is a leading international logistics efficiency provider

Health Check system of K.Hartwall provides supply chain transparency

K.Hartwall logo

Kizy Tracking customer Cardok is a leading international installations provider

Kizy Tracking helps Cardok coordinate delivery and installation

Cardok logo

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