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What is the status of expected parcel deliveries?
Where do delays and bottlenecks occur?
Are packages opened illegally during transport?
How do parcel services perform in different geographic regions?
How does the performance of the various parcel carriers in my region compare?

kizy k2 tracker for Parcel Tracking

Stop scanning, start tracking:
Revolutionize parcel delivery with real-time IoT data

Real-time parcel tracking is becoming ever more important. Today’s consumers expect transparency of their shipments. Furthermore, global parcel tracking helps postal operators to better understand all processes in their network of partners and suppliers. It enables operators to monitor shipment movement, location and transit bottlenecks for efficient parcel shipment management. With the rise of cross-border e-commerce, the paramountcy for accurate and real-time shipment information has grown significantly as parcels have to go through various customs and ports along the delivery route and are transported by multiple carriers. 

The existing passive track and trace solutions based on scanning and RFID are no longer enough to meet these complexities. They only provide partial information on the status of shipments based on the last reading point. If a problem occurs in between, postal companies have difficulties knowing what is happening within their systems. This lack of supply chain visibility is further exacerbated by the absence of uniformity and connectivity between the systems of different countries. 

The Kizy API is easy to integrate with different applications and devices.
Kizy Tracking supports the postal industry by providing transparency in delivery through k-2 tracker.
Postal operators need a solution for in-transit visibility and end-to-end transparency in the parcel value chain to maintain a high service quality and customer satisfaction. Real-time visibility data helps postal companies find out the exact root cause of delivery inefficiencies. Based on this data they can continuously re-strategize and optimize their value chain management to prevent complaints and costs from delays and missing packages. 

Parcel tracking with Kizy enables end-to-end supply chain visibility and effective supply chain management. Receive automatic notification in case of shipment delays or anomalies in delivery routes. Reap the benefits of active tracking, no matter how your shipment is being packaged and transported, and use this data to improve your partner relations and customer experience! 

Kizy Tracking supports the postal industry by providing transparency in delivery through k-2 tracker.
Bertrand Späth talks about modern Parcel Tracking

Benefits of parcel tracking with Kizy

bullet point
End-to-end parcel value chain visibility
bullet point
Transmission of live data worldwide
bullet point
Value chain optimization based on real-time data
bullet point
Identification of trouble spots
bullet point
Minimization of redundant stops
bullet point
Improved customer experience and partner relations
bullet point
Cost efficient tracking of shipments
bullet point
Evaluation of Service Level Agreements
bullet point
Calculation of optimal routes
bullet point
Greater delivery efficiencies

Why postal operators should replace track-and-trace based on RFID and scanning with active tracking solutions.

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In-transit visibility through active parcel tracking 

Our real-time K-2 trackers can handle a huge number of complex tasks, and are extremely easy to use. Unlike other track and trace technologies, Kizy Tracking requires no investment in infrastructure. The trackers are put into shipments or are attached to pallets and work anywhere in the world where mobile networks and Wifi are available with an autonomy of up to 1 year. They are lightweight and small and can be easily returned with the UPU International Business Reply System (IBRS). 

We can help postal operators track locations of mailbags, trolleys, letters and shipments, thereby live-alerting on delays and misrouting, to ensure a nimble parcel delivery management system. Read about how our partner, Spectos , is utilizing our trackers to enhance efficiencies for their customers in the postal industry. 

View the technical data sheet for more information on our tracking device. 

Mobile and Desktop Cockpit of Kizy Tracking


Credit card sized tracker
Up to 1 year tracking autonomy
Uses GSM, 2G/3G & Wi-Fi
The Kizy K-2 is the most flexible and powerful Iot enabled supply chain tracker available on the market
Open API
Works indoors and outdoors, including containers
Recording of data if no network is available
Cloud-based protected access

Case Studies

Kizy Tracking customer Asendia

Asendia investigates delivery issues in record time thanks to Kizy Tracking

Asendia logo

Kizy Tracking customer K.Hartwall is a leading international logistics efficiency provider

Health Check system of K.Hartwall provides supply chain transparency

K.Hartwall logo

Kizy Tracking customer Cardok is a leading international installations provider

Kizy Tracking helps Cardok coordinate delivery and installation

Cardok logo

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