The boom in e-commerce makes active parcel tracking an integral part of today’s logistics. One might even say e-commerce opens borders: people no longer buy only nationally, but internationally. Whatever you want, the internet makes it possible. But as opportunities grow, so do customer requirements. Today, clients want transparency. They want to know exactly where their parcels are – at any point along the entire transport route. Customers require the same level of data, no matter where they order from. Be it the very same country they live in or the other side of the world. However, ordering from abroad  involves a much more complex supply chain. For postal operators, this means they need to interconnect to provide this data. 

Throughout the entire world, logistics experts are dedicated to strengthening customer relationships by providing transparency and enabling their customers to track their parcels and goods at all times. Kizy Tracking created a modern tracking solution to enhance customer experience and thus increase customer satisfaction. 

Know who your customers are and understand why parcel tracking is important to them

The idea of keeping an eye on your shipment and obtaining transparency is a priority to a young generation of shoppers, especially the so-called Millenials (those born between the 1980’s and the mid 90’s). It’s a generation that was growing up in a fast growing digital world. Now, they are always online and connected via smartphones or computers. They are used to having access to any kind of data at any point in time. Since they are highly digital in other areas of their lives, millenials have naturally integrated digital technology into their consumer behavior. As postal operators, it is your task to meet their expectations. At the same time, the user

A group of young people that is busy on their phones.

experience and buying behaviour in e-commerce raises expectations for B2B shipping transactions. Manufacturers of spare parts, machinery and equipment accessories are increasingly interested in offering B2C shipping-like experience in their B2B activities.

Current challenges in parcel tracking

Today, the main problem is that shipments are not interconnected. This means that there is no information on the whereabouts of a parcel after it’s been sent on its way. What happens during the rest of the journey remains a mystery. This might prove difficult if something goes wrong during transport. The reason for this problem often lies in the technology that is being used. Barcodes for instance require scanning: if your parcel is not scanned, customers are only provided with partial data. A second issue with barcodes is the intransit visibility: if something happens between two points of scanning, recipients are highly unlikely to find out. If the scan doesn’t happen, you’ve got no transparency.

E-commerce is all about customer experience. It is the carrier’s or postal operator’s opportunity to provide this to the recipients. Providing the data creates an interaction between the shop and the user. 

What is the solution?

The solution is active parcel tracking. However, it may not be as simple as that. GPS tracking, which is also an active solution, may not be ideal for your particular needs. Above all, they are very expensive, quite heavy and require a lot of energy. This makes them rather impractical in the postal environment. Therefore, Kizy has created a tracker adapted to the requirements of the postal industry. 

First of all, Kizy Tracking uses cell-phone networks and WiFi only. Thus it uses up to 100 times less energy than GPS, which greatly increases battery life and enables longterm tracking. Secondly, it works inside containers and warehouses, without the need of a pre-existing infrastructure. Additionally, it is a lot more cost efficient than other solutions – and price is extremely important in the competition for customer acquisition and customer loyalty.

Postal operators aim to keep their costs to the consumer as low as possible. With good reason: based on the Spectos e-commerce monitor 2020, 90 % of the respondents consider free delivery to be important. Interesting enough, the same study proves that 85 % prefer being able to track their shipments. Hence, the K-2 supply chain tracker proves to be a great solution for postal operators to guarantee their customers a high level of customer satisfaction.

The K-2 supply chain tracker: light & powerful

Another striking feature of the Kizy tracker is its incredibly lightweight. Since most of the shipping charges are based on weight, being able to reduce it is really important. With only 42 g, Kizy Tracking manages to keep the weight down whilst keeping an extraordinary quality of service. How is this possible? Kizy co-founder Bertrand Späth: “The heaviest component in an active tracking solution is its battery, which also affects the size of the device. Since we use only very little energy, the K-2 tracker has an autonomy of up to one year, whereas similar GPS trackers would have a battery life of one or two days.”

With long autonomy, global coverage and a small size, the Kizy B2B global tracking system fulfills the information needs of the logistics and supply chain industry, enabling cross-border parcel tracking end-to-end and in real-time.
Especially in cross-border deliveries, active solutions like Kizy have become utterly useful. In international networks, postal operators rely heavily on third-parties, i.e. other distributors or carriers. This makes it more difficult to investigate issues, like parcels that were stolen. Kizy tracking allows for postal operators to check on their shipments at all time, regardless of whose hands the delivery is currently in. Take Asendia for instance, one of the world’s top three international mail, shipping and distribution organizations. The company delivers packages, parcels and
documents to more than 200 destinations across the globe. The involvement of a multitude of partners across various countries made it difficult for Asendia to get full transparency over the whole supply chain. When confronted with customer claims regarding delays in the delivery of shipments, Asendia used Kizy to quickly set up quality tests, investigate the causes and deliver a high-quality customer service. After only 3 months, Asendia evaluated the success of its initiative: the handling time for customer complaints has been reduced by a record of more than 60 % as all necessary information is directly available.

Active parcel tracking and theft prevention

Thief and an open parcel: The Kizy K-2 Tracker is equipped with an in-built light sensor to detect changes in luminance in its surrounding environment.
Another crucial case where active parcel tracking is of great value to postal operators is the problem of theft. In fact, one in three Americans report having had at least one package stolen, resulting in $25 million of lost goods and services every single day, according to C+R Research. There is almost no way to detect this without having an active solution to track what is going on with your shipments. Therefore, Kizy trackers are equipped with an embedded light sensor that allows for operators to be notified as soon as there are sudden unanticipated changes in light density along with its occurrence location, triggered by unauthorized opening of the packages.
Kizy Tracking offers a wireless solution that works both indoors and outdoors, allowing postal operators to track shipments along their designated route. It sends real-time data to increase customer satisfaction and improve accountability. If you would like to find out more about our Kizy Live Tracker, feel free to browse our video library for recorded webinars on a variety of exciting topics, interesting explainer videos and useful information on supply chain visibility.
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