We are at Parcel+Post Expo & Conference 2019

Parcel+PostExpo 2019 opens tomorrow. Together with Eero Heinonen of K.Hartwall, Bertrand Späth of Kizy Tracking will give a keynote about the value of real-time tracking for end-to-end supply chain visibility from no matter where in the world. Prior to the opening the world’s largest trade fair for postal and parcel services, the case study of the Kizy project with logistics efficiency provider K. Hartwall was released.

Come meet us at Parcel+PostExpo 2019

We are excited to be among the finalists of the PIP Start-up Live Competition. In this unique live competition, participants get the opportunity to pitch 5 minutes, followed by a round of Question and Answer session, with comments and recommendations from the judges. Keep your fingers crossed for Kizy Tracking.

This is where you can find us during the next three days at Parcel + PostExpo:

  • Keynote with K.Hartwall in the parcel handling and tracking session, “At the touch of a button: real-time tracking worldwide”, Oct 1 | 10 am | room 3
  • Startup Pitching Competition, startup finalists group 2, Oct 1 | room 2 | from 15:45 pm
  • Startup Innovation Zone, booth 100 | Oct 1 – 3

Click here for the complete conference program.

Interested in becoming a Kizy integration partner?

Parcel + PostExpo 2019 is the perfect place to come and  discuss with us opportunities to integrate Kizy into your existing vertical solutions for asset management, inventory management, project coordination, and shipment tracking. Niels Delater of Spectos will also be on site. Talk to him to learn how Spectos is integrating Kizy into its real-time performance management platform to offer its clients advanced quality monitoring solutions. Get more details about the Kizy Tracking API and what it takes to become an integration partner. We look forward to meeting you at Parcel+PostExpo and Conference 2019!