With the absence of satisfactory and affordable track-and-trace systems that are able to provide visibility of supply chains end-to-end, anywhere in the world, the founders of Kizy Tracking recognized the need for an innovative tracking technology to overcome deficiencies in terms of coverage, autonomy, and costs.

Why conventional tracking solutions are inadequate to meet current information needs

Existing tracking solutions can be grouped into passive and active solutions. Passive solutions such as RFID, bluetooth and barcodes require extra infrastructures, such as gates and pack scanners, without which shippers will not have access to any shipment information. Users of the passive solutions will not receive any additional real-time information, other than checkpoint information.

Hardware Tracker by Kizy Tracking Solution

Users will not be alerted of any theft, loss of shipments or anomalies along the delivery routes. They will also not get any real-time information on the whereabouts of their shipments or the last known location should they lose a shipment between one waypoint and the next. 

Active solutions such as GPS and Ultra-Wideband (UWB) networks on the other hand, are costly and do not have extensive coverage. GPS trackers do not work inside containers and buildings and have high energy consumption. Although UWB devices like SigFox or NB-IoT need little energy, they have poor network coverage due to the lack of available global networks and are bound to remain so in the next few years. Furthermore, the lack of uniformity in standards across countries for SigFox may also prove to be an issue.

Our track-and-trace idea in a nutshell

Challenging the existing track-and-trace solutions and revolutionize supply chain visibility has become Kizy Tracking’s main goal. It created a low-maintenance tracker that uses cellular networks and does not require any additional infrastructure. It just taps on existing mobile networks for its tracking purposes. As a result, it has low-battery usage allowing it to have longer autonomy of up to one year as compared to existing tracking solutions such as GPS. This state of the art compact-sized device is able to track indoors and outdoors, and even in containers, without the need for antennas. Furthermore, with its global transmission of location data, we are able to provide our users with real-time information about their shipments, and notify them of any discrepancies or anomalies along the shipment routes. 

We have recently begun the usage of Wi-Fi technology on top of 2G and 3G technologies to improve the tracking precision down to 10 meters through WiFi sniffing capacity. It is a stark improvement from our previous range of 1 – 3 kilometers with the sole usage of cell phone networks. 

Last but not least, we have also added a new temperature tracking feature to help cold chain and food logistics companies track the temperature of their temperature-sensitive goods from “farm to fork”  to protect the integrity of shipments as well as to ensure longer shelf life for their products. 

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