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Fast | Responsive | Scalable


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Always stay a step ahead

Get the right information at the right time with automatic alerts and notifications. Use the new dashboard to keep the overview in any situation.


Optimize collaboration

Share the information between all stakeholders in the supply chain for efficient collaboration.

Keep control

Start and terminate missions remotely. Manage your credits and get a full control over your costs.


Grow without limits

From a few trackers to millions of devices: we ensure total scalability and optimal performance.

OTP2 launch customers

Create more value

Integrate Kizy easily into your systems and applications using our open API. Export the data to perform detailed analysis. Customize the interface with your brand identity.

What’s new?

OTP2 launch customers


Select. Start. Track.
Kizy now offers you mission templates tailored to your needs. Each template includes a set of predefined rules to make mission configuration a simple and straightforward process

OTP2 launch customers

Date picker

Select a custom time range to display only the data you want to focus on.

OTP2 launch customers


Keep the overview in any situation with the new dashboard.

OTP2 launch customers

New timeline

The timeline got a refresh to directly integrate events and notifications.

OTP2 launch customers

Better performance

Fast response, no matter how many missions you are currently running. The online tracking platform uses the latest data storage and data processing technologies.

OTP2 launch customers

Integrated shop

Buy credits, trackers and accessorizes directly from your account.


Try it.



Password: Demodemo123


What about the features of the current online tracking platform?

All core features from the current platform are also available on the new one.

I'm already a Kizy customer. Do I need to create a new account?

No. As an existing customer, you just have to follow the instructions on to simply migrate your account and keep using Kizy with your current credentials.

How does the migration process look like?

When connecting to the current online tracking platform at, you will be offered the choice to have a look at the new platform and migrate your account.
Once you decide to migrate your account to the new online tracking platform, the process works automatically. You keep all your current data, missions and credits.
The current onlline tracking platform will be phased out in Q1 2017.

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