Dresden, Neuchâtel, March 2019 – We have updated our GTC to reflect our new pricing structure and the product changes. With the refined GTC, we hope to better protect customers and users of our Kizy Tracking devices and accessories and make our business operations future-proof.

What has changed?

Article 4 – Support

We have updated our channels of support to email, phone and website, and the service hours from Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm CET. 

Article 8 – Fees and Payment. 

To better facilitate payment processes, we have switched our default mode of payment to bank transfer, unless otherwise agreed. Fees will be charged according to different classes of services provided per month. If a tracker uses different classes of services during a month, the tracker will be invoiced with the price of the service class with the highest price used by the tracker.  

Article 11 – Warranty

Kizy Tracking now offers a two years limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship on Kizy devices and accessories sold by Kizy in Kizy original packaging, with the requirement that they are used according to Kizy’s user manuals, technical specifications and other Kizy published guidelines.

Article 12 – Device End-of-life

Kizy Tracking revised the rights to declare a device as End-of-life at any time and will communicate on its website at least 6 months in advance what types of devices will be declared as End-of-life. 


For more details, please refer to our updated GTC page. If you have any concerns regarding the amendments, feel free to contact us at info@kizytracking.com