Long-term autonomous real-time tracking is no longer solely meant for large companies with deep pockets. Kizy Tracking has made it possible to enjoy real-time long independent tracking at an affordable price, setting a new trend for long-term tracking with the launch of the K-Box. 

The K-Box is designed as an add-on to our K-2 Tracker to extend its battery life up to 6 times its initial capacity, allowing standalone tracking of up to 3 years. Its external shell is waterproof (IP67) and shock resistant (IK07), protecting it from contact with extraneous harsh elements that the shipments or assets might be exposed to during usage or transportation. Additionally, Kizy also has a new K-Box+ with 2 waterproof jacks for additional tracking sensors, such as a temperature sensor. With that, companies can now track various supplementary elements in real-time just with one device. 

Similar to our other products, K-Box is designed for simplicity. It is compacted and lightweight, allowing it to be attached conveniently onto any surfaces, even within containers (yes, our tracker works reliably even in containers) without any issue. 

This is a perfect solution for companies in the equipment rental industry, or cross-border logistics companies, which are in need of scalable long-standing live track-and-trace solutions. Jump on the bandwagon and be a trendsetter in your respective industries. 

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