Delays, shocks, temperature deviations – are you aware of what exactly happens to your shipments during transport? All of these may influence your performance. In the end, you will either have an unsatisfied customer or lose money – or even both. This is why supply chain visibility is important. IoT technology provides the means to do so. However, there are plenty of tracking solutions on the market. So how do you find the right one for your purposes? did a test to check it for you.

The possibilities of today’s IoT technology in one test

In their report, tests 5 popular IoT trackers on their performance.
Experts at have taken a closer look at five popular IoT tracking devices. We are happy to have been one of the selected tracking devices that have been thoroughly tested in their most recent report. In more than 100 pages, compares the trackers and their performances as well as their tracking platforms. Valuable data and experts’ opinions give insights into which solution might work best for you and your company’s requirements, revealing each tracker’s strengths and limitations.
Particularly interesting is the test conducted to examine the trackers in real-life situations. Therefore, they first sent them through Poland to check how they are performing during medium and short distance journeys over a period of six days. In their second go, they extended the journey up to 20 days and shipped the trackers across Europe from Poland to Denmark and back. In both tests, they checked accuracy, battery usage, sensors, alerts and tracing the route via platforms. During the trip, the trackers travelled by land, water and air. The results? Well, we do not want to tell you too much, but: highly interesting!

The company behind the report was founded in 2008 and has now more than a decade of experience in the transport & logistics industry, delivering software solutions and services for companies that digitalize their activities. As an internationally operating company, it develops transportations and logistics software solutions to help businesses around the world track their assets, manage their fleet or direct the traffic from the cargo hub. 

The company’s long and extensive experience makes a trustworthy, independent and competent expert whose independent and thorough analysis we can only support.

This report is interesting for logistics and supply chain management professionals who are striving to obtain transparency throughout their supply chains. See for yourself what is possible with today’s technology and how Kizy’s K-2 tracker is performing amongst other powerful tracking solutions on the market.