Food safety starts with commitment. As consumers have become increasingly concerned about risks related to food, it is the task of supply chain professionals to ensure reliable shipment and regulatory compliance. Even though it is a complex task, with the launch of Kizy’s humidity sensor it has become easier than you think. The sensor allows companies to constantly check on the conditions of their perishable goods during transportation.

Ensuring product quality throughout the entire transportation process with Kizy’s humidity sensor

With the launch of Kizy’s humidity sensor, you can easily monitor your humidity-sensitive goods from end to end. As an extension of the Kizy tracker, the USB-C external sensor provides precise and reliable measurements on relative humidity and temperature. Thus you can ensure that your shipments arrive in high-quality conditions, and that actions can be taken immediately when there is any sudden change.

Benefits of the Kizy humidity tracker at a glance:

  • High accuracy and long-term stability
  • Instant alerts in case of deviation in route, humidity or schedule
  • Factory-calibration
  • Easy integration and open API
  • Transmission of live data from anywhere in the world due to 95 % global coverage
Join our webinar to get detailed information about Kizy Tracking's latest product update: the humidity sensor.

Live launch of the humidity sensor

Join us in our webinar on 2 February 2021 at 11 AM (CET). We will provide you with precise details such as accuracy, response time, longevity, and ease of deployment. Enhance your supply chain management and improve your service quality with Kizy Tracking.