The second generation of mobile networks (2G) has been made redundant by many mobile network operations to make way for new technologies such as 5G. Many mobile network operators across the world, such as AT&T in the United States of America and Vodafone in Australia have already decommissioned 2G and more are set to do so in the coming years.

Although many still prefer using 2G technology, especially for cellular IoT devices as well as for automotive applications such as navigation fleet management, it has become too costly for mobile network operators to continue their 2G network for such a small group of users. The majority of smartphone users has moved on to at least 3G technology.

Our service provider for Kizy Tracking devices, Swisscom, will also be phasing out 2G by the end of 2020. We will be switching to 3G technology, that has a lower frequency and better building penetration for all our tracking devices.

How will this affect you? And what will be the impact of the sunset on Kizy Tracking? Our K-1 trackers will no longer work with operators that have decommissoned 2G. The trackers will also not work within Switzerland, as it will completely be decommissioned nation-wide from 2021 onwards. For those of you who are still using K-1 Kizy trackers, this is a perfect opportunity to check out our latest K-2 supply chain tracker, a future-proof solution that is compatible with 3G technology.

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Our K-2 Tracker is the ideal device that allows monitoring of shipments globally!