Container Management  (cm) is a magazine that has been published for more than 30 years. A team of expert writers produce thorough analyses of topics dealing with port, terminal, intermodal and container handling equipment industries worldwide. In their November issue, the magazine features Kizy Tracking amongst other renowned IoT technology providers such as Emerson, a veteran in reefer monitoring. In the article, author Lacy Jones reports on IoT technology based solutions to provide supply chain transparency. 

As the world grappled with the start of the coronavirus pandemic in spring this year, it has since revealed the fragility of global supply chains. When the demand for specific products skyrocketed, and lockdown measures were imposed across the world, logistics operators had to change routes, methods and modes of transportation. Now, more than ever, a transparent supply chain is crucial to ensure a reliable, high-quality delivery of shipments.

Therefore, Kizy Tracking has created a solution with a unique set of features that distinguishes it from other IoT trackers on the market: since K-2 trackers work outside and inside (including warehouses and containers), the trackers can be stored inside the cargo. This allows constant monitoring of your goods, no matter where or with whom your shipments are  even in situations where the cargo is transferred from one container to another. Additionally, Kizy is a cost-efficient solution. Would you like to know why? Read the full article and learn more about Kizy Tracking, other approaches to supply chain visibility with IoT technology, and how the coronavirus pandemic has changed an entire industry.

Kizy Tracking is featured in CM magazine