In this unsettling time filled with uncertainties, companies have to remain flexible in order to work through this volatile situation. This outbreak has already brought on disruptions to many supply chains across the globe, affecting businesses from automotive to retail, and causing unimaginable losses. More disruptions are to be expected as countries close their borders or even enter a state of emergency in an attempt to contain COVID-19.

At Kizy Tracking, we have taken internal measures to ensure continuity of our business and are still here for you. We do not foresee any major COVID-19 related problems or disruptions in the near future and are able to ensure the continuation of our operations even during these difficult times. 

Nonetheless, due to foreseeable delays in deliveries caused by the current heightened border controls, we would like to advise our users to order sufficient trackers in advance so as to prevent any possible disappointment or inconvenience. You can order your trackers via your respective integrators. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us at or call us at +1 844 438 5499 should you have any concern.