With the motto “We drive values”, Offergeld Holding GmbH entered the vast world of logistics management in 1924, offering tailor-made transport solutions to its customers.

Meeting the demands in an ever-changing and fast-growing market such as logistics requires innovative minds with top-notch solutions that ensure real-time access to information on the status and location of goods along the supply chain.

Let our IoT technology do the work for you

Kizy successfully tracks shipments at Offergeld

That’s where Kizy Tracking steps in to integrate a seamless tracking solution designed to provide a continuous flow of information, using nothing but the existing mobile and WiFi network system.

At Kizy Tracking we understand the importance of a continuous and active real-time communication to ensure a reliable and consistent delivery rate that meets your customer’s demands.

Take a look at our case study where we show you step by step the challenge faced by Offergeld Holding GmbH and how Kizy Tracking provided its technology services to keep the values of their customers in motion.