Things are heating up, and we are not only referring to the summer months ahead. With a staggering increase in demand in vaccine distribution, the logistics sector will face a major challenge in the weeks to come. Cold chain logistics plays a vital role nowadays in ensuring supply sufficiency within the pharmaceutical industry, but is also the primary logistics player in keeping up with compliance regulations for goods requiring temperature-controlled transportation across the globe.
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As businesses have steadily gotten both more digital and more complex, supply chain professionals are becoming more and more obliged to stay at the forefront of the technological solutions emerging around them. Today, end-to-end management systems are essential to monitor the conditions of the cold chain. Those still working without the technologies that provide data about the condition of their products in real time fall victim to not knowing whether or not their products have remained intact throughout the transportation chain.
This is however, a critical source of information necessary to maintain consistency and high quality standards expected from supply chain transporters.

Knowing in a matter of seconds whether your goods are stuck at a port, in a transit station, or simply cannot be loaded due to the carrier’s lack of space is crucial in order to react quickly to potential disruptions that might alter the quality of your products.

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This coming June 22 at 11 AM, join us in our webinar to learn how our temperature monitoring solution enables cold chain logistics companies determine where their cargos are located in real time while at the same time receiving consistent and reliable data regarding any disruptions or alterations that may influence the continuity and availability of food & pharmaceutical products around the world.