A case study can give an incredibly useful and targeted insight into whether a specific product may be suitable for your challenges. In fact, they are very much like product reviews. And today, 92 % of online consumers look at a product review prior to making a purchase.

To put our solution into different perspectives, we therefore proudly present to you our latest case study. See how Kizy Tracking supports the Edinburgh based direct marketing agency Dragonfly in their everyday work.

First class customer service with Kizy Tracking

What do Kizy Tracking and direct marketing agency Dragonfly have in common? We both strive to provide our clients with the best customer experience.
Therefore, we are very proud to support the print in mail experts in doing what they love by providing full transparency over their mail. 

With customers in South Africa and a growing potential for direct mail, Dragonfly opened a second office outside the UK in Cape Town in 2017. International postage, however, turned out to not always be as reliable and punctual as expected. There was not much information about what happened to the company’s mail, once it left London airport.

Using a track and trace for every mail posted, however, was no option due to its incredibly high costs. Still, tracking mail and providing customers with the status of their projects was crucial to ensure the company’s high standards for their customers were met. Therefore, Dragonfly started looking for an efficient tracking solution that enabled them to see the exact location of their mail.

Via recommendation, the marketing specialists got in touch with Global Tracking Devices, Kizy’s UK based selling partner, who assisted Dragonfly in getting exactly what they were looking for. The tracker was needed urgently, and Global Tracking Devices who understands customer’s needs as well as having the technical experience went out of their way to ensure a tracker got to the customer, setup and ready to go. See which unexpected insights Dragonfly gained.