Kizy Tracking has been listed as one of the top 5 most promising global IoT startups with impact on logistics and supply chains by StartUs Insights. We are proud and see it as confirmation that our IoT solution optimally supports supply chain management in all aspects of tracking.
Kizy Tracking is among the top 5 most promising global IoT solution startups.

A simple tracking solution to reduce supply chain complexity

Basically, Kizy’s tracking solution consists of three elements: a small and lightweight live tracker, an online tracking platform and, most importantly, an open API for easy data integration. This is pretty much everything you need to monitor and control your supply chain and track your shipments anywhere in the world. By using our active IoT solution, customers benefit from a reliable, global transmission of real-time data on location, movement and light changes, even from within buildings and containers. Moreover, the power of the Kizy K-2 tracker is extendable through innovative add-ons, enabling it to support autonomous long-term tracking and  temperature monitoring of cold chains.

Is global, real-time tracking interesting for your business and would you like more information?

Get details in the upcoming webinar on July 7: Enjoy your summer in peace – Kizy has got you covered. This webinar is a round-up of the capabilities of Kizy Tracking, including the latest innovations, to prepare you for unforeseen events and secure smooth logistics operations and a flexible, resilient supply chain. Register now!