How about a good coffee and some breakfast infotainment? Sounds good, doesn’t it? On Wednesday, 18 November 2020 at 8:30 am, the BdKEP invites Kizy Tracking to its regularly held BdKEP breakfast talk. Enjoy an interesting chat with Andreas Schumann, chairman of the Federal Association of Courier-Express-Post-Services (BdKEP), and Bertrand Späth, co-founder of Kizy Tracking.

Since 1990, the BdKEP has represented the commercial policy interests of medium-sized entrepreneurs and companies in the courier, express, parcel and letter services sector and is partner for politicians, ministries, authorities, the press and other interested parties.

BdKEP breakfast talk topics

Listen to exciting news and current developments in the tracking market. Especially now with regard to the enormous progress in COVID-19 vaccine development and distribution, the discussion will focus on cold-chain monitoring and how to transport vaccines properly from the time they are manufactured until they are administered. This turns out to be a highly complex topic, since the shipment of COVID-19 vaccines requires particularly strict conditions: delivery of high quantities within a tight time frame, at the right temperatures throughout, and to destinations all over the world. Therefore, a tracking system will be needed to ensure efficient and safe transportation.

Don’t miss out on this highly interesting session at the BdKEP breakfast talk on Wednesday morning.