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Dresden, Neuchâtel, March 2019 – Since the inception of Kizy we have delivered the trackers all around the world. We have developed a network of customers and partners around the globe and in many countries very quickly. We have customers using our live tracking devices in countries like Namibia, Indonesia, Brazil and even Fiji Islands. However, the solution of Kizy has been designed to be used on a large scale. The solution of Kizy must be integrated into vertical solutions in order to match the data of the devices and the context in which they are used.
Hence, we made the decision to address our customers only in collaboration of integrators, which are able to deliver vertical solution that match exactly the customers’ needs.

The company‘s focus is to find integrators globally which can provide a vertical solution to their clients.

For example, for postal shipment performance monitoring it does not suffice to provide the position of shipments to understand if your network is working well or not. Spectos is a main leader in transit time and service quality measurements. By integrating Kizy into Spectos’ solutions for transit time measurements, Spectos’ customers are able to see aggregated, context-based information that is much more relevant to their needs. Position data of trackers is integrated into real-time performance management reports, continuously delivering information on delivery processes and instantly sending alerts and notifications to those in charge when there are delays or deviations from standard norms.

Thus, to show our commitment to our partners, we have begun to revamp our partners’ page, where we present their solution and why it is relevant to you. Have a look at the partner page of Spectos and tell us what you think.

From these new developments, we will begin operating in the following way:

  • Devices and credits will not be ordered through the website anymore. Instead, actual customers can contact either a partner or us directly at orders@kizytracking.com
  • The credit system will be gradually phased out. They will be replaced by monthly or yearly pricing that allows for more convenience, operation-compatible price plan and avoidance of having to think about reloading credits to an account.
  • Efforts on front-end development will be reduced. While we will  keep maintaining the front-end, we will focus on the API and on data aggregation and quality in such a way, you and your integrators get the best data possible.

For further information on these changes, do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns.

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