Light Sensor

Monitor the occurrence of events by detecting light density changes with Kizy’s smart light sensor. 

Kizy's GSM tracker has an in-built smart light sensor
The Kizy K-2 Tracker is equipped with an in-built light sensor to detect changes in luminance in its surrounding environment. The information about changes in light and dark supports the monitoring of events in the supply chain, from (unauthorized) opening of parcels and containers to the timely unpacking of goods.

Prevent thefts of cargo and packages

Package thefts are more common than we thought. One in three Americans report having had at least one package stolen, resulting in $25 million of lost goods and services every day, according to C+R Research. And in Germany alone, the cargo industry has lost an estimated of EUR 2.2 billion in 2016 due to cargo theft. Kizy Tracking’s embedded light sensor can help prevent potential thievery by providing real-time data about location and time of openings. With Kizy’s smart Light Sensor, you will be notified of sudden unanticipated changes in light density along with its occurrence location.

Secure your packages and cargos with Kizy's smart light sensor.
Real-time visibility for container shipments from end-to-end with Kizy's IoT Tracker

Ensure the integrity of container shipments

Based on geofencing rules, you will be alerted should there be light changes outside of the predetermined safe zones, such as transfers, pit-stops and unloading. This allows you to monitor if the security of your containers has been compromised during delivery and pinpoint the troubled routes or third-party logistics providers.

Real-time visibility for container shipments from end-to-end with Kizy's IoT Tracker

Ensure compliance of process standards and SLAs

Companies can now monitor if the involved parties along the supply chain are keeping to agreed timelines as well as service level agreements (SLAs) using the Light Sensor feature within the K-2 Tracker. The tracker sends a notification when shipments are opened, thus allowing to check, for example, if there are long waiting times between receiving and unpacking of the shipments by partners. For example, Kizy Tracking has helped Asendia Press EDS prevent further incurrences of losses by eliminating delays and long waiting times that had previously resulted in missed opportunities. It was done through sending of reminders to both Asendia Press EDS and the store staff when the magazines were not unpacked and put on display by a predefined time. As a result, Asendia has successfully reduced the number of magazine returns by 20%, leading to a 90% increase in revenue.

Monitor your partners' compliance of SLAs and terms of use with Kizy Light Sensor.

Benefits of the integrated Light Sensor

Sensitive detection of light changes
Tracking of movement, location and light with one device
Real-time monitoring of container and shipment openings
Automatic alerts based on configuration (time, geofencing)
World-wide coverage including indoors and in metal environments
Product security assurance

Monitoring and optimization of business processes

Business processes can also be improved with the use of light sensors. For example, the Kizy K-Box can be attached via the strong magnet at the back of the device to mailboxes to detect deliveries and pick-up times. This data could be used for quality monitoring and to support delivery routes optimizations.

Build your smart mailbox with Kizy Tracking and improve your postal business operations.

Optimize your logistics performance

Monitor your shipments remotely and in real-time from end-to-end with our smart IoT tracker that works globally and has a battery life of up to one year, to improve visibility and transparency within your supply chain.


Watch our webinar to find out how you can monitor your shipments’ integrity with our sensitive light sensor.

Webinar on Kizy's built-in sensitive light sensor

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