Kizy Tracking had a crazy week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where we had the opportunity to take the pulse of the mobile connectivity ecosystem and network with telecom operators and other industrial players. Industry players from every corner of the earth, took time off and came together to exchange about the current trends and solutions available in the market. At the same time, the IoT/M2M Innovation World Cup also took place during the Mobile World Congress.

Kizy Tracking was was part of the IoT/M2M Innovation World Cup and managed to get our way into the finals under the category “Mobility” yesterday, pitching our ideas against other top creative solutions from other participants.

For those of you who have not heard of the IOT / M2M Innovation World Cup, it is the leading Internet of Things/Machine to Machine award worldwide. This year, 400 contestants from 58 countries demonstrated the huge innovation potential in the world of machine-to-machine communication and the Internet of Things, and Kizy Tracking is one of them.

This leading global innovation competition welcomes revolutionary IoT/M2M solutions in the categories of “Connected Home”, “Smart City”, “Mobility”, “Security”, and “Healthcare”. An international panel of industry experts will then select the most innovative products for the respective categories according to criteria such as level of innovation, marketability, and usability.

We have found an immediate positive resonance within the telecommunication operators present at the Mobile World Congress. By demonstrating how we can make use of their existing infrastructure to help solve some of the global supply chain’s biggest challenges, we have managed to gain the approval of the judges.

It’s not every day that you can say you are a world champion. We are therefore extremely happy that we won and would love to share this new achievement with you!