K-2 Tracker

The most flexible and powerful supply chain tracker available on the market.

The Kizy K-2 is the most flexible and powerful Iot tracker available on the market to help you achieve end-to-end supply chain visibility in a cost-efficient way.

We have built every feature around the specific requirements of logistics applications.
The K-2 Tracker has been specifically designed to provide you with end-to-end supply chain visibility in a cost-effective way. Benefit from an active tracking solution that reliably transmits real-time data on location, movement and light even from within buildings and containers, for up to 1 year.

Better accuracy

Dynamic accuracy, down to 10m when needed.

Extra long battery life

Up to 1 year autonomy. Can be extended to 3 years with K-Box. Rechargeable.

Global coverage

The K-2 Tracker reliably works indoors and outdoors, even in buildings and containers. 


With its credit card format, the K-2 Tracker literally fits everywhere.

Increased flexibility

Fully configurable over-the-air, supports pre-configured templates for your missions.


Via the USB-C connector, additional sensors can be added (temperature).

Welcome to the world of smart tracking

Our tracker provides dynamic accuracy to match your specific requirements, thus automatically optimizing costs and battery life. During normal operation, standard accuracy is reported. In defined cases (e.g. alarm or on-demand) you benefit from the best accuracy available.
kizy tracking bullet points green
Standard: 1-2km
kizy tracking bullet points green
High precision (GSM only): 200-500m
kizy tracking bullet points green
High precision (with Wi-Fi coverage): 10-20m

K-2 Tracker technical datasheet

Communication technology SM 2G/3G + Wi-Fi
SIM card embedded
I/O interface 3 LEDS (red, yellow, green) USB-C
Expansion slot I2C
Battery type Li-ion, 900mAh tracking operation continues during charging
Accuracy down to 10m
Typical battery life from 6 months to 1 year
Casing non-flammable, white (customizable)
Size (I x W x H) 84 mm x 53mm x 8.5mm
weight 42g
IP class >IP54
Certifications CE, FCC, RoHS, FSS
Sensors Support for external sensors (one-wire, I2C)
Operating system Embedded Linux, over-the-air configuration

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