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The whole Kizy team has been working hard during the last months to integrate all feedbacks received from our users into this major evolution of our tracking solution.
Secure, 100% cloud-based, customizable with your brand identity and colors: we have redesigned the online tracking platform to improve its usability and performance.

Want to have a look at it? Go to http://app.kizytracking.com and log-in with the following credentials:
Username: demo@kizytracking.com
Password: Demodemo123

We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Ready to move to new platform?
Contact us at migration@kizytracking.com to organize your account migration in a quick and secure way.
The old viija.com platform will be phased out at the end of Q1 2017.


What’s new?

Date picker

Select a custom time range to display only the data you want to focus on.

Focus on what’s important

Keep the overview in any situation with the new dashboard. Get a summary of the unread alerts and notifications, tracker’s status and credits balance.

Faster mission creation

Select. Start. Track.
Kizy now offers you mission templates tailored to your needs. Each template includes a set of predefined rules to make mission configuration a simple and straightforward process.
Contact us to create templates dedicated to your specific use cases.

New Timeline

The timeline got a refresh to directly integrate events and notifications.

Integrated shop

Now you can buy credits and trackers directly on the platform. No need for another account or access to an external online shop. If you are using a Purchasing Account on the current platform at www.viija.com, you will just have to re-enter your billing and shipping informations during your first purchase.

Better performance

Fast response, no matter how many missions you are currently running. The online tracking platform uses the latest data storage and data processing technologies.

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