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When the possibilities seem limitless: A revolution for the postal & courier industry

The Challenges in the Age of E-Commerce and Cross-Border Parcel Logistics

Today, transparency is everything. Expectations are evolving fast, in step with rapid technological innovation. When shopping online, customers want each step of their shopping process to be smooth, simple and easy to track – no matter where they are buying from. With the boom in e-commerce, cross-border purchases have enjoyed a similar surge. From everyday basics to luxuries, consumers are increasingly buying online and from abroad – and for postal and logistic processors alike, this has increased the need for seamless, reliable systems to support cross-border deliveries.
Increased visibility for postal and courier with Kizy Tracking.
Postal companies thus depend on the expertise and reliable cooperation with third-party logistics companies and international service providers. Therefore, transparency is not only important for your clients, but also for the processes within your company and partnerships. There are numerous challenges to overcome. For customers, how these are handled is hugely important. The pressure is on to find solutions that enable postal and courier services to function  efficiently and seamlessly, no matter where they ship to.
These are challenges the postal & courier industry is currently facing:
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Ensuring on-time deliveries and tracking services to guarantee high customer satisfaction
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Collaboration of multiple stakeholders, each with a different level of understanding and motivation
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Bottlenecks in the supply chain, which delay deliveries and may add unexpected costs
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Cross-border deliveries that must be tested regularly to guarantee a consistently high quality of delivery
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Theft, loss or damage of parcels and consignments

Increased visibility with Kizy Tracking.
Stay ahead of the competition!

Reliability and Predictability: Find out How to Overcome
the Current Hurdles for the Postal & Courier Industry

Effective logistics has repeatedly proven to be a strong competitive advantage for businesses. Retailers, online merchants and e-tailers strive to work with the best to provide their customers a perfect experience from start to finish. Consistent evaluation of your shipping procedures and operational processes as well as those of your partners will increase effectiveness and efficiency of the transportation efforts. Track-and-trace makes an important part of your service to successfully take on the challenges of today’s cross-border shipping. Currently, there are various tracking solutions on the market. However, existing systems based on bar codes or scanning of RFID chips only display information from waypoints. This is in many cases not enough, especially for the postal and courier industry. Kizy delivers track-and-trace capabilities from end to end, no matter where in the world, down to your customer’s mailbox.
Taking your business cross-border means tackling various challenges. Kizy provides the solution to these challenges.

How Kizy Tracking can help:

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Get a detailed view on your processes: Real-time tracking data will provide you with seamless transparency to ensure your shipments are being delivered on time
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Quality control of your processes: Kizy provides valuable services for monitoring service contract compliance 
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Continuously monitor and optimize your operations: Uncover the causes of misrouting and delays and enhance your processes with reliable and accurate shipment data

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Kizy enables companies to track all the happenings and share reliable updates with business partners or end-consumers to increase accountability
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Visibility for high value shipments: Protect valuable shipments and detect unauthorized openings



From Data to Action

Kizy works with integration partners to develop quality monitoring solutions for the postal & logistics industry.

Stop Scanning and Start Tracking Parcels with Real-Time IoT Data

Global connectivity

The Kizy Tracker works reliably indoors and outdoors, with > 98 % of global coverage. It does not require additional infrastructure.


Small size and light weight

With the size of a thick credit card, the Kizy Tracker fits in any regular sized envelope. It even allows the use of IBRS for an easy return.


Live alert on delays

Get tangible insights into arrival and delivery times. Additionally, Kizy’s tracker notifies you in real time if any pre-configured limits are breached.

High precision

Our trackers use GSM and WiFi positioning for enhanced accuracy
(up to 10 m when needed).

Extra-long battery life

The Kizy Trackers has an autonomy of up to 1 year. Using the K-Box, the tracker’s battery life can be extended up to 6 times its initial capacity.


Sensor monitoring

Use an additional sensor to boost your tracker’s abilities. Measure data such as temperature and humidity to guarantee your shipments’ integrity.


 Theft prevention

Protect your high-value shipments and get an instant notification in case of unauthorized openings using Kizy’s light sensor.


Advanced configuration

Configure your tracker’s settings to get notifications if limits are breached. This will enable you to act instantly.

Easy integration

Our Kizy Trackers are built for rapid deployment. The API enables you to integrate data collected by the trackers into applications and share it with partners.

The Kizy Test Kit is composed of 4 K-2 trackers, a USB-C charging cable, a guide of first instructions of use, and a portable case for the trackers. The Kizy Test Kit has 3 months of usage worldwide.

Check the performance of your carrier network with our test kit
and gain immediate visibility.


Kizy Tracking customer K.Hartwall is a leading international logistics efficiency provider

Asendia investigates delivery issues in record time thanks to Kizy Tracking

Asendia is customer of Kizy Tracking

Kizy Tracking customer Dragonfly is a direct marketing specialist based in Edinburgh, Scotland

Dragonfly provides first class customer experience with live tracking data

Dragonfly is a customer of Kizy Tracking

Woman in doorway with her son in the background, receiving a parcel from a courier driver.

New Zealand Post has been integral to the Kiwi way of life for nearly 180 years delivering parcels, packages and mail for businesses and consumers.

New Zealand Post is customer of Kizy Tracking

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