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Shipping Containers: The Risks at Hand

Rail, road or ship – to transport goods at a low cost, container shipping has proven to be a fast and viable solution. Particularly when it comes to international shipping, this mode of transport has been playing a significant role for decades. With the pandemic, the demand for container transportation picked up even more, and fleets could not grow fast enough.

From raw materials, food and equipment to vehicles and furniture, containers ship exports and imports from around the world, maintaining the trading industry strong.

However, the complex operations between multiple entities as well as the long distances the goods travel imply various risks that could have a negative impact on the performance of container shipping companies. Over the past years, not only safety, security and transparency have become considerably more important, but there has also been an increased concern about efficient container handling and risks associated with the flow of information

These are challenges the container logistics industry is currently facing:
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Lack of visibility: logistics managers left with imprecise information about where the containers are located
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Inefficient container management: containers being transported only partially full, which causes significant costs to shipping lines
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Documentation errors due to container control movements being manually keyed
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Untimely deliveries and unreliability in service due to false schedules, leading to an increase in operational costs
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Theft and cargo loss or damage

With flows of goods in constant motion, analyzing and mitigating risks when shipping containers can be difficult. Transparency brings improvements for both logistics companies and customers.

Understand and Eliminate Problems at the Source with Kizy’s Tracking Solution

An optimum management of the containers fleet is the key to achieve operational efficiency. Kizy enables companies to equip large fleets of containers at an affordable cost. Benefit from a push-of-button inventory solution to better manage your fleet, reduce your costs and offer value-added services to your customers. 

One of the major challenges in container tracking is determining where best to add a tracking device. Because containers are metal, wireless signals are unable to easily penetrate the box. Kizy Tracking sends reliable data information even from within warehouses and containers. Logistics managers can then use the available data to create more accurate ETAs and prevent delays. 

Improve your container flow management with Kizy Tracking.
Kizy Tracking assists shipping company managers in making better and more strategic risk mitigation decisions.

Kizy Tracking provides:

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Real-time global visibility data to track your containers and to efficiently manage your container flow
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Mitigate operational risks strategically and efficiently by identifying bottlenecks
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Digitize your container flow with data on geolocation, temperature, humidity and light changes
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Improve reliability and operations
Kizy Tracking assists shipping company managers in making better and more strategic risk mitigation decisions.

 Kizy Provides an Effective Tracking Solution that Tackles
Issues that May Affect Your Container Shipping Operation

High precision

Our trackers use GSM and WiFi positioning for enhanced accuracy
(up to 10 m when needed).

Extra-long battery life

The Kizy trackers have an autonomy of up to 1 year with notifications about remaining life predictions.


Sensor monitoring

Use an additional sensor to boost your tracker’s abilities. Measure data such as temperature and humidity to guarantee your shipments’ integrity.

Global connectivity

The Kizy tracker works reliably indoors and outdoors, with > 98 % of global coverage. It can be installed directly inside the container, without the need for an external antenna.


Small size and light weight

At just 87 mm in length and 56 mm in width, the tracker has a slim design, and comes with a light weight of only 42 grams. This makes it easy to attach the tracker anywhere you like.

Rugged & waterproof

The K-Box allows the Kizy Tracker to be used under extreme conditions, making it more durable and waterproof. Furthermore, the integrated magnets make it possible to affix it in only a few seconds.


Theft prevention

In case of unauthorized openings, the light sensor will give you an instant notification.


Advanced configuration

Configure your tracker’s settings to get notifications if limits are breached. This will enable you to act instantly.

Easy integration

Our Kizy Trackers are built for rapid deployment. The API also enables you to integrate data collected by the trackers into applications your customers are familiar with.

Kizy Tracking assists shipping company managers in making better
and more strategic risk mitigation decisions.


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Kizy Tracking customer K.Hartwall is a leading international logistics efficiency provider

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