Freight Forwarding

Track your freight from end-to-end and have full control over your shipments with real-time visibility

Challenges of Freight Forwarding

For freight forwarders, non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOCC), haulage companies, warehouse keepers as well as logistics operators, visualizing where and how long trucks and containers move from A to B is crucial to ensuring on-time deliveries and customer satisfaction.

Thankfully, with our IoT tracking solution, high shipment transparency can be achieved today.

Kizy Tracking the solution for Tracking and Monitoring your Freight in Real-time

Disadvantages of Lacking Visibility within your Freight Operations

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Outdated and incomplete data generated only when the cargo reaches certain milestones
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Inefficiencies that impact the whole forwarding operation process, resulting in delays that could jeopardize just-in-time deliveries
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Escalation of hidden costs, for instance, detention and demurrage fees at ports
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Lack of accurate data on the quality conditions of temperature-sensitive goods may result in non-compliance issues
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 Unpredictable arrival times in land, sea, air and rail transportation make it harder to plan loading and unloading times
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Gaps in certain areas of transport operations, that make it difficult to identify liability when errors occur

Our Solution for the Freight Forwarding Industry

Remote monitoring is now possible thanks to the integration of our IoT technology. With real-time data collection you can make smart decisions that improve the efficiency of your supply chain and ensure timely delivery of products. The technology is particularly valuable when used to track the journey and condition of perishable cargo.

Benefits of Kizy’s Live Tracking Data for Freight Operators

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Plan, analyze and review tours efficiently, by integrating Kizy’s end-to-end live tracking data into your TMS and ERP systems
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Detect delays during border crossings and at ports of entry to choose the most efficient routes
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Close the information gaps between certain areas of transport operations and manage unforseen risks while goods are on the road
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Benefit from continuous temperature and humidity data to make sure temperatures are maintained correctly during transportation
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Live tracking data can be a source of accuracy that helps your business move from reactive to preventive
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Offer real-time visibility as a value-added service to end-customers

With Kizy you can easily Monitor and Track your Shipments across all Modes of Transportation

Global connectivity

With Kizy Tracking’s 98% coverage around the world, you can build resilient operations that offer a stable and high-quality service. Our mobile/GSM trackers, get around the GPS coverage problem inside buildings and containers by using local mobile networks and WIFI.

Collaboration between shippers:

Make information available worldwide across multiple network partners in real-time. The data provided by Kizy’s IoT device can be easily integrated via an open API into your existing Transportation Management or ERP systems.


Alerts and notifications

Use data as proof of delivery and compliance. Get alerts in case of delay and stay ahead of breakdowns, bottlenecks, and other hurdles that might affect the continuity of transportation.

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Kizy Tracking customer K.Hartwall is a leading international logistics efficiency provider

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Cardok is customer of Kizy Tracking

Kizy Tracking customer K.Hartwall is a leading international logistics efficiency provider

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Kizy Tracking customer K.Hartwall is a leading international logistics efficiency provider

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