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Food supply chain risks

Perishable products such as fruits and vegetables, coffee, seafood, meat and refrigerated products must maintain strict humidity and temperature ranges during transport. Ensuring an efficient cold chain for each of these food categories is a difficult task, but the demand for a reliable and timely shipment is high. Poor handling, a lack of proper storage and an interrupted cold chain cost the industry approximately 850 billion Euro per year 

A poorly managed cold chain and food supply chain causes:
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Product damage

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Reduced shelf-life

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Financial loss and risk of reputation

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Legal issues if the consumer’s health is at risk


At Kizy Tracking, we aim to lower these costs and provide customers with constant information about their goods to ensure regulatory compliance along the food supply chain.


How visibility improves trust in the food supply chain

From ensuring regulatory compliance to overcoming food fraud, Kizy Tracking helps to achieve visibility when delivering high-quality food across complex food supply chains.  Our solution guarantees proactive measures to optimize operations in face of disruption. This allows food processors and distributors committed to food safety to make food supply chains more cohesive and nimble. 

Kizy Tracking provides:
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Tamper-proof and fully traceable data

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Proof of compliance to regulators

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Visibility of weak points in the supply chain

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Comparability of transport routes and identifications of problematic areas

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Real-time alerts when temperature or humidity deviates from set standards


Kizy Tracking: Real-time temperature and humidity monitoring
plus geolocalization with one device


Safe delivery

Keep record of your shipment’s location during the entire process of transportation. This will enable you to secure compliance in the supply chain towards all interests and identify liable parties responsible for damage.


Temperature and humidity monitoring

Kizy’s temperature & humidity sensor guarantees ultra-precise temperature reading and identifies the range of relative humidity your shipment has been exposed to.


Proactive supply chain management

Kizy’s tracker notifies you in real time if any pre-configured limits are breached. This will enable you to act instantly, prevent damage and thus reduce waste and save money.

Global real-time data

The tracker uses cellular phone networks and WIFI, which guarantees 98 % of global coverage, including the inside of buildings and containers.

Extra long autonomy

With an autonomy of up to one year, Kizy’s supply chain tracker is an energy efficient solution. Using the K-Box, the tracker’s battery life can even be extended up to 6 times its initial capacity.


Light weight and small size

The tracker’s small design and light weight let it fit literally anywhere. It even allows the use of IBRS for an easy return.

Experience the revolutionary IoT tracking technology

risk-free with our test kit.


Kizy Tracking customer K.Hartwall is a leading international logistics efficiency provider

Euro Pool System is a market leader in the field of reusable packaging in the European fresh supply chain.

Kizy Tracking customer K.Hartwall is a leading international logistics efficiency provider

Health Check system of K.Hartwall provides supply chain transparency

K.Hartwall is customer of Kizy Tracking

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