Containers shipping

The supply/demand imbalance is a great challenge for the containers shipping industry. An optimum management of the containers fleet thus is key to achieve operational efficiency.
Kizy enables to equip large fleets of containers at an affordable cost. You benefit from push-of-button inventory capability to better manage your fleet, reduce your costs and offer value-added services to your customers.

Install it inside

The K-2 tracker can be installed directly inside the container and is still able to transmit and locate. No need for external antenna, less risk of loss or theft. User our K-box with integrated magnets to affix it in a few seconds.

Extra-long battery life

Benefit from extra low-power technology. The K-2 reaches up to 1 year battery life. 

Global coverage

We can locate your containers everywhere where a cellphone can connect to the GSM network. That means also inside buildings and containers. We cover more than 98% of the countries. No roaming fees.