Kizy helps you to stay ahead of competition

There is barely an industry where just-in-time is so critical than in the automotive industry. You need total visibility and predictability.
Kizy helps you to follow any asset used in the production process and know where they are at any time.
Once your vehicles go out of the production chain, you can track them all the way down to the delivery, improving inventory management and customer experience at the same time.


Alerts and notifications

Use custom templates to create your missions. You get alerted in case of delay, enabling you to find alternative solutions before it’s too late.

Extra-long battery life

Benefit from extra low-power technology, The K-2 reaches up to 1 year battery life.


Install it inside

The K-2 tracker can be installed directly inside the vehicle and is still able to transmit and locate. No need for external antenna, less risk of loss or theft.


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Kizy Tracking helps Cardok coordinate delivery and installation

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