Humidity Sensor

Monitor your humidity-sensitive goods from end to end, no matter if you ship via road, rail or sea

Kizy's humidity & temperature sensor provides customers with ultra precise readings for full food supply chain visibility.
The USB-C humidity sensor is a simple, yet powerful tool to ensure full supply chain visibility. As an extension of the Kizy tracker, the sensor provides precise and reliable measurements on relative humidity and temperature.

Kizy’s humidity sensor: Minimize damage, maximize customer satisfaction

Supply chains are a complicated matter. If humidity and temperature sensitive products are transported, they get even more complex. Ensuring that guidelines are met to prevent condensation and preserve the shipment’s quality requires strict control at each stage of the transportation process. 
The most efficient way to mitigate hazards is to detect where and when problems arise. This enables supply chain professionals to better understand and select how to transport their goods, particularly those at high risk, such as food and beverages, flowers and plants, but also chemicals, metals and raw materials. The only safe way to find out is to use an active tracking solution and monitor what happens during transportation.


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Kizy's online tracking platform is built for Industry 4.0.

Keep track of humidity levels around your sensitive shipments

Kizy’s tracking device comes at a high quality standard: the humidity sensor is factory calibrated and provides customers with ultra precise readings. Moreover, the sensor barely adds any weight to the equally light and small-sized Kizy tracker. 
With our tracking solution, you can make sure your shipments are perfectly safe during the entire transport.

Kizy's online tracking platform is built for Industry 4.0.
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Stay informed: Receive real-time alerts about changes in condition or misrouting of your shipments.
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Take control: Solve the problem before your humidity-sensitive products get damaged.

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Be proactive: The tracker will let you know exactly where and when the humidity range was exceeded, so you can make appropriate adjustments for the future.


Benefits of Kizy’s combined Humidity & Temperature Sensor

Transmission of live data from anywhere in the world – even inside buildings and containers
The sensor comes at high accuracy and long-term stability
Instant alerts notify you in case of deviation in route, humidity or schedule
The light weight sensor does not add much weight to the tracker and allows the use of IBRS for return
Factory calibration according to ISO/IEC 17025 guarantees precise measurements and high quality standards

Easy integration and
open API


Humidity Sensor Features 

Ultra-precise humidity reading, ±0.3 % RH (0-80 % RH)

Low humidity deviation over
time, <0.25 % RH/Yr
Operating range humidity 0 – 100 % RH
Location, humidity and temperature tracking with one device
Factory-calibrated, according to ISO/IEC 17025
1 month operation period with one transmission per hour
k-Box+ with external temperature sensor for Temperature tracking

Boost the performance of your Supply Chain Tracker

The compact and lightweight K-Box is an add-on designed to make Kizy’s Supply Chain Tracker even more durable. It extends the tracker’s battery life up to 6 times its initial capacity, allowing standalone tracking of up to 3 years. Its external shell is waterproof and shock resistant, protecting it from extreme conditions. 

Watch our webinar recording for more details on Kizy’s humidity sensor.

Find out how Kizy's Humidity Sensor helps companies achieve end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Kizy’s Humidity and Temperature Sensor: Facts & Figures

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