For Asset Managers, the fleet is their most valuable possession. That’s why they need to have a precise overview of their vehicles at all times. Although GPS is commonly used as a form of theft prevention, it still has a low impact on cutting down the high number of vehicles that are stolen every year. To counter this issue, Kizy Trackers can be used as invisible GSM tracking solution to quickly detect stolen assets all around the world.

Be it trailers, dumpers, excavators or telehandlers, rental companies face massive annual losses due to theft. As a result of the increasingly sophisticated techniques by thieves and the more advanced technology, it has become more difficult for fleet owners to recover their lost items. On average, only around 5-20% of all stolen vehicles are retrieved. Despite the alarming figures, there are still rental companies that don’t apply any theft prevention, allowing thieves to easily transport vehicles abroad.

Why GPS is not the ideal solution for theft prevention

Even though GPS has become a significant trend among fleet owners throughout the years, it still couldn’t hinder thieves. GPS is a global tracking system that uses a network of satellites and ground stations to determine the correct location of an object or a person. It transmits information by sending out microwave signals to the GPS device. Due to that fact, the device mustn’t be blocked by structures or being indoors. But this, in turn, means that GPS trackers are easily found and removed. Furthermore, thieves use jammers to interrupt GPS signals and make it impossible for vehicle owners to recover the trackied assets.
Lastly, the delay in the discovery of the theft is one of the major challenges asset managers have to face. A theft takes on average about three to five days, too little time for fleet owners to notice and act. After succeeding in removing the GPS tracker, thieves wait to make sure the vehicle is clear from any other trackers and quickly move the vehicle from the premises. Eventually, they export and resell it in a different country.

Protect your assets from unauthorized use with GSM live trackers

Unlike GPS tracking solutions, GSM live trackers like Kizy don’t require an external power supply. The credit card size of the Kizy tracker makes it easy to hide it anywhere. As it has a lifetime of up to one year, it can work for months without charging. The global coverage enables GSM trackers to determine the location of the vehicle abroad, even when they are hidden in metal surroundings, buildings or containers. GSM live trackers base themselves on cell phone network connections. Thus, they are more difficult to jam. Another major benefit of GSM live trackers is the easy installation. Rental companies can easily attach and detach the GSM live tracker from the vehicle in case of selling or reselling. Besides that, stolen vehicles can be reported right after a theft happened and tracked in real-time.

Traditional GPS trackers are not as sufficient for theft prevention as they were before. GSM trackers are highly modern and offer a reliable alternative and add new features to GPS trackers which make the vehicle harder to steal and easier to recover.
While modern technology may prevent vehicles from being stolen, it is still necessary to remember to lock machines, mark equipment, insure materials or combine vehicles. By doing so, you have already made the first step towards theft prevention. As you keep adding more advanced options, it is important to follow the basic steps for seamless protection.

Want to try for yourself?

With Kizy you can have an immediate tracking solution for your assets without having to invest in any infrastructure. Simply order a test kit and find out.  

Case studies

Health Check system of K.Hartwall provides supply chain transparency

There is a common problem among K.Hartwall customers: a proportion of returnable load carriers is either lost or returned too slowly by the end customers. The Health Check System developed by K.Hartwall, using Kizy GSM trackers as hardware, has helped its customers to identify the real reasons behind load carrier-related challenges. The collected data has also been used to improve the quality of the supply chain and specify the requirements for asset management solutions.

Kizy Tracking helps Cardok coordinate delivery and installation

Cardok builds custom underground parking solutions all over the world. The installation requires an optimal synchronization between the delivery of the equipment and the installation team. Cardok uses Kizy tracking data to monitor delivery progress and send technicians on arrival of the trucks, thus optimizing its installation processes and saving time.

How end-to-end visibility enables ProStarLog to build trust with customers

ProStarLog relies on a network of transporters and subcontractors to deliver the best service to its customers at an optimal cost. Not knowing what happens in the supply chain could be stressful for the company and for its customers. From day one, Kizy has been able to help ProStarLog in achieving a complete visibility of their whole supply chain across countries, providers and means of transportation.

Asendia Press massively reduces the return rate of unsold magazines by monitoring shipments’ openings

The shelf life of premium, specialized magazines is limited. It is therefore essential that they are effectively put on displays at the right moment to avoid missed sales opportunities. Based on remote opening detection using the light sensor embedded in Kizy trackers, both Asendia Press EDS and the stores’ staff are automatically notified when no opening is detected at the predefined time. This way, they can act immediately to avoid missed revenue opportunities.

Other Case studies