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Webinar – Round 2: After High Season is before High Season

January 20 11:00 11:30

Invitation to a Kizy Tracking webinar: Round 2, after high season is before high season.

You did it. You survived the busiest time of the year. Time to relax and reflect on the past months. What have been your main challenges? What impact did the spike in shopping activity and the growing logistics effort resulting from it have on your business? Did your cross border delivery from end to end work smoothly?

However, in our second webinar “Round 2: After High Season is before High Season”, we will approach things differently. This time, it is you who will be in charge: you will provide us with questions, we will give you the answers. Feel free to send us your questions beforehand via email at Because there is a solution for every problem. 

Even if you have not participated in our previous Christmas webinar, you are welcome to join, share your experience and find answers to your questions. 

Remember: it’s only 13 more months until Christams, round 2 …


  • Live webinar
  • Duration: 30 min
  • Costs: free of charge


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Please register to join our free webinar on Jan 20th at 11 am (CEST). You will receive the recording and the presentation slides after the event.