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Proactive Supply Chain Management: Enhance your deliveries through real-time shipment tracking

March 26 09:00 09:30

Proactive Supply Chain Management: Enhance your deliveries through real-time shipment tracking

The importance of e-commerce, notably cross-border e-commerce, is tough to ignore especially during times as such. End-consumers are increasingly more reliant on online purchases with the newly imposed curfew regulations and the fear of entering confined crowded places. Not all companies are equipped to cope with the sudden growth in demand. To make matters worse, heightened border controls and more stringent custom checks have disrupted many supply chains, causing serious logistical challenges for many companies. 

Transparency is more important now than ever, for companies to maintain a consistent and high service quality level as well as improve efficiency. It will also allow companies to work with their existing capacities and infrastructures during these critical times. One way to increase visibility would be through real-time tracking to obtain up-to-date shipment information, such as shipment movement, location and transit bottlenecks, so that companies can better plan their resources to prevent causing major inconvenience for their customers. 

Kizy Tracking provides you with usable data, which you can use to create a nimbler delivery network and proactive supply chain. It also enhance speed reaction time with its automatic notifications of shipment deviations or delays. 

Accept our invitation and join us to learn more about how Kizy Tracking can help solve these issues:

• Track cross-border deliveries in real-time 
• Monitor the progress of critical shipments 
• Identify bottlenecks and delivery delays and react quickly 
• Estimate arrival of shipments and delivery to customers

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