Estran SRL is a Milan-based company, with more than a decade of experience in providing businesses with the best solutions to manage and coordinate fleets. Depending on their customers’ needs and requirements, ESTRAN offers specific localization solutions that help clients run their projects successfully. From vehicle recovery to tracking trailers and containers – ESTRAN’s product portfolio includes first-class solutions for specific areas they are targeting. The company takes pride in the quality they provide for their customers, which is why each product has been thoroughly tested by ESTRAN’s employees. 

Today, they are working with well-known companies such as WebFleet and LoJack, and have also been a reliable partner of Kizy Tracking since the very beginning. From the Kizy tracker’s first generation, ESTRAN has witnessed Kizy’s development until the most recent launch of the humidity sensor. Convinced by its simple application, quick implementation and cost-efficiency, ESTRAN names it as their number one solution for supply chain reasons.
Recently, the Italian company has started to focus on how to integrate different solutions to offer their customers an even more extensive tracking service. Thus, the idea of integrating WebFleet and Kizy data emerged.

All the advantages in one platform: The plugin combines traceable data with temperature monitoring

Just like Kizy, ESTRAN is constantly evolving and improving to adapt to their customers requirements. The newly developed integration exclusively provided for their clients is called estran.pluginKT and is part of the company’s cloud service. It extends WebFleet’s fleet management system with Kizy’s temperature monitoring data, which enables customers to not only monitor the GPS data of the vehicles, but to also receive precise information on the conditions of the goods that are being transported.

WebFleet Solutions, which is part of Bridgestone Group, focuses on providing vehicle telematics through their web-based software, allowing companies to monitor the location and movement of vehicles to increase their fleet management performance.

With estran.pluginKT, customers can benefit from the advantages of both tracking systems, synchronized in just one single platform. Here are all the benefits at a glance:


  • Receive accurate data on the location of your fleet
  • Get detailed driving behavior reports and notifications on problems such as misrouting, overspeeding or harsh brakes
  • Minimize time on the road and optimize your service levels
  • Reduce fuel consumption

Kizy Tracking

  • Monitor the temperature data recorded by one or more trackers placed in the vehicle
  • Set individual temperature ranges and get real-time alerts when temperature thresholds deviate from the preset standards
  • Make the temperature graph of each sensor available to WebFleet users
  • Use the tamper-proof data as proof of compliance to regulators
ESTRAN’s plugin offers fleet managers a way to effectively monitor temperature-controlled shipments in real time, making it easier to comply and stay ahead of regulations for goods in need of rigorous handling.

How the plugin works

To get the information on the condition of the goods, the Kizy tracker equipped with the temperature sensor must be placed inside the trailer. The device will then be activated associated through WebFleet’s cloud-based software, which by means of ESTRAN’s integration of Kizy’s platform will be able to provide an extensive overview on all important information regarding the temperature conditions inside the trailers as well as the current location of the vehicles. You will also get notifications in case problems in your fleet occur, such as crashes, overspeeding or harsh turns. Furthermore, you can determine the range of temperature acceptable for the transport to ensure shipment conditions are within set thresholds.

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Planning for the future

As for the future, ESTRAN plans to further expand its product portfolio by introducing the humidity and light sensor as part of their plugin to provide their customers with even more detailed information on their goods.

Above all, ESTRAN wishes to maintain the high-quality of work they have been showing for the past 13 years, and we at Kizy Tracking are proud to contribute to it.

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